Tips to deal with and fix stubborn orange hair after bleaching

Tips to deal with and fix stubborn orange hair after bleaching

Bleaching is one of the most popular ways of making your hair colour light. This happens most when you try to remove the blonde shade from your hair and end up in getting an orange shade instead. People who frequently bleach their hair know how to deal with orange hair successfully. Since this is an extremely embarrassing colour to have on hair, it is important to get the problem fixed at the earliest. Read more about Tips to deal with and fix stubborn orange hair after bleaching

Mentioned below are some of the most effective ways of fixing orange hair after bleaching:

If you are looking to fix the problem of orange fair after bleaching try using a combination of apple cider vinegar and hollyhock herb. Take some water in a pan and boil it. Now add apple cider vinegar and hollyhock herb to the same. Heat the entire mixture for some time till it becomes thick. Turn off the gas and put the pan down for cooling. Take this thickened paste and apply the same on the scalp and on the hair generously. Let this mixture stay on the scalp and hair for about 10 minutes. Use a sulfate-free shampoo for rinsing the hair and immediately apply some conditioner.

  • A good quality toner will be of great help

You might be quite surprised to know that a good quality toner can help in removing orange and yellow colour from the hair and you can have natural looking hair in a few weeks. For yellow hair colour, it is recommended to use purple toners. And for orange hair using blue toning shampoo can be very good. The shampoo needs to be used for a couple of weeks for neutralizing the orange shade and getting normal hair colour. Toner needs to be mixed with peroxide in 1:2 ratios. Use a hair brush and apply this mixture on the hair. Let the mixture stay on the orange part of the hair for about 45 minutes. Use any shampoo for rinsing off the mixture little later.

Tips to deal with and fix stubborn orange hair after bleaching

  • Change orange hair to light brown shade

Ash blonde hair shade when bleached will give orange color. In order to avoid the orange shade on bleaching, try buying lighter ash blonde shade. Read through the instructions of colouring hair thoroughly and apply the color all over the hair. Let the color stay on the hair for some time. Use normal water for washing off the color and then use a good conditioner to condition your hair. If the orange color is quite deep, try using ash blonde dye as this will neutralize the orange shade and the hair will not look overtly coloured too. The result is that you will have nice light brown shade.

  • Apple cider vinegar great for treating orange hair color

If you are struggling with orange hair color after bleaching, apple cider vinegar can come to your rescue immediately. You have to make a mixture with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, few drops of purple or blue liquid food color, 1 cup water and 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Before applying this mixture on the hair, it is important that the hair is conditioned with coconut oil. Do this at night. Next morning wash the hair and then apply the mixture. This process should be done twice daily for neutralizing the orange color of the hair.

Many people say that neutralizing the hair color is the best thing for fixing orange hair color. But sometimes, you can get a completely new shade of hair while trying to fix the orange shade. And such colours look quite nice and attractive. For instance, orange colour can be changed to blonde or light brown etc.

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