Swim to Get Slim

Swim to Get Slim

Health experts seem unanimous in saying that swimming is a great body workout for people, especially the young adults. It targets all the major muscle groups in the body as you move and resist in the water while enjoying the refreshing splash of water on your skin. Swimming puts vigorous demands on the heart and lungs, which makes swimming very popular exercise for people who are overweight, pregnant or undergoing therapy due to bodily injury. Read about Swim to Get Slim

Swim to Get Slim

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Swimming is your best bet to lose weight because you burn calories at a rate of about 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight. The only problem is that you cannot endure long time in the water and that breaks the chain of losing weight.

Exercising in water offers many physical and mental health benefits. If you want an active life, go swimming as a hobby and as a form of exercise. It also has psychological benefits. By relaxing while in the water, you allow your mind and body to meditate, thus, giving you a sense of wellbeing.

However, when in the water, you should remember to protect yourself from unnecessary injury by practicing safe swimming behaviors. To maximize your speed while minimizing your risk of injury, the following tips can be helpful:

  • Look straight down at the bottom of the pool and lead the top of your head and not your forehead so as to decrease the strain on your neck and spine.
  • Stretch out with your entire forearm and hand for the water. Your elbow should bent to 90 degrees as you move along in the water.
  • Rotate your torso during each stroke. To make breathing easier and to improve your acceleration, turn your belly button to the left as your right arm goes through the water and then reverse the procedure on the opposite side.
  • Activate your core muscles by keeping your trunk contracted and taut.
  • You should turn your feet into flippers and keep your legs taut and keep your feet flexible.

The above the details Swim to Get Slim

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