Psychological Facts That Will Shocks You

Psychological Facts That Will Shocks You

Psychology, as a discipline, gives us access to innumerable possibilities for the exploration of the human mind. This helps us to determine and explain how our mind can interpret events, how it influences and, in turn, influences us to act in a certain way. It is a complex game of conscious, subconscious and unconscious activities in our brain. And that is why each person has a process of thought, response, and responsiveness that are unique to him/her. Read more about Psychological Facts That Will Shocks You

Psychology is not relevant to our daily lives. Although mental makeup is different for each individual, it still has common standards in time and space that are fairly generic. There are human behavioral traits and observations that guide our general perceptions to take them as facts. But are these facts truthful and do they help us better understand others?

Let us examine and discover ourselves if we can discover something new and have an evolved understanding of the human beings that surround us from the psychological facts given below.

1. Women And Secrets

It is generally believed that women can not keep secrets. And this is not a random sexist point of view. There are studies that have established the limited ability of women to keep private or confidential matters in their minds. In fact, research also suggests that the maximum length of time a woman will keep a secret as it is can not exceed 47 hours and some strange minutes. And if there is a moral constraint, some blows of alcohol can do it all.

The secret is usually confined to a person who can be very close, for example, his mother, sister, husband or best friend. However, there was a small fraction of women, about 27%, who almost forgot the questions that were shared.

2. Love In The Friendzone

It is said that a solid foundation of friendship is a strength of cementing couple. In fact, this decreases their chances of divorce by about 70%. Being friends has long helped because partners are aware of the strength and weaknesses of the other. They are more open to communication and constructive criticism. They take all the ups and downs in their stride and are dramatically more consistent in their interaction and therefore, better to cope with their problems.

Psychological Facts That Will Shocks You3. Loneliness Pangs Are Harmful

Human beings are essentially social creatures, and if one removes the aspect of effective bonding and social security, a person may feel lost and afflicted. Where loneliness can be positive, enlarging introspection and personal improvement, long periods of solitude can be quite miserable. This can lead to depression, which is now considered to be just as harmful as any other modern lifestyle like alcoholism, obesity or smoking and can affect a person’s psychological well-being.

It is important to consider the aspects that can lead to such mental isolation. This may involve forced migration due to geographic, economic or social factors, or a change of location due to employment or work. Or it may simply be a lack of family support, indifference and lack of enthusiasm that can lead a person to loneliness.

4. Being Choosy Over Friendships

It is not uncommon for some people to cherish a group of close friends, rather than being friendly with everyone. Research suggests that these individuals also have higher intelligence quotient. They have long-term goals and are not interested in finding professional skills. They depend more on themselves and their circle of trusted councils to manage all obstacles and are more confident masters of their time, energy and resources.

5. Making Memories Over Material Gains

There is no doubt that money is very important. But the satisfaction of using money to buy material objects is nowhere near the satisfaction of collecting experiences and memories. Studies have also shown that the money spent on oneself gives less happiness compared to the money spent for someone else. In addition, it is preferable to spend holidays, outings, family gatherings, travel, charities and philanthropy to gather knowledge, love, gratitude and closeness, whose values Are much more rewarding and permanent than materials that lose their novelty no time.


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