How to Lose weight Fast in this Summer

How to Lose weight Fast

Being in shape has been and continues to be the fad of any generation. To me, losing that extra weight is worth it not only for the resultant good looks but also for good health it gives. If you ask me, you should be more concerned about how healthy you are instead of how close you are to being in shape. Below explained about How to Lose weight Fast in this Summer.

If you are too much on the heavier side, you have my compassion. Losing weight becomes a must for you. But you should also know that losing weight quickly can be dangerous. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! How to Lose weight Fast in this Summer.

Take your wish for losing those extra pounds as a challenge and approach it with optimism. Here are some easy and not so easy ways of losing weight which is sure to help you in reaching your goal of a healthy, fit and of course an in-shape body.

The following are the details on how to lose weight fast this summer

Create a healthy eating plan:

One of the primary and most important parts of losing weight process is planning your meals properly.

  • Planning your meals include what you chose to eat and when. Opt for healthy diet options and be sure to maintain a 2-3 hour gap in between.
  • Calculate the number of calories you need and stick to the meal plan.

high fiber food for weight lossInclude high fiber foods:

  • Fiber helps you to control your hunger and results in gradual weight loss.
  • Consume high fiber foods like fruits, grains, cereal, nuts, and vegetables.
  • Including fiber foods in your breakfast is a great habit for weight loss
  • High fiber foods are a magic mantra to lose weight. They keep you full for longer periods of time and also improve your metabolism

Limit salt and cut starches:

  • Too much salt is not good. In addition to weight gain, it also leads to medical conditions like hypertension.
  • Limiting your salt intake will reduce fluids and fluid retention which can, in turn, reduce your weight. (not fat)

Divide your meals into small portions:

  • Plan to have small portions of meals on a timely basis (maintain 3-hour gap)
  • Having meals in 5-6 small portions a day instead of huge meals thrice a day will improve your metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

Do not skip meals:

  • Skipping meals, especially breakfast is a huge mistake. It is not a healthy way to cut calories. Do not skip meals ever.
  • Skipping a meal may tempt you to have a heavy meal later which is absolutely not good

Exercise daily:

  • Exercising daily for a minimum of one hour forms an integral part of an effective weight loss program
  • Exercising burns fat and helps you shed that extra flab along with giving you a host of other health benefits.
  • Simple exercises like walking, jogging to cardio and strength exercises are a great way to burn fat.
  • Make your heart to beat faster for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Exercising will help you to burn both the visible and invisible(visceral) fats and thus promotes health.

Drink plenty of water:

  • Drinking water is important for weight loss as initial weight loss is mostly due to loss of water and you need water to avoid dehydration.
  • The fat burning process requires water so as to function efficiently.
  • Water flushes out the toxins produced during the process of burning calories.
  • It maintains muscle tone and lubricates joints and thereby helps in reducing soreness in muscles and joints which exercising.
  • As weight loss program includes consuming high fiber food for weight loss, you might face constipation if you do not drink enough water.

Go deaf to what world says about how you should look and how much important it is to have an hourglass figure. If you eat right, exercise daily; trust me you will end up with great health and good shape follows!

In the above article, you can find details about how to lose weight fast this summer.


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