Is Brown Rice efficient For Weight Loss?

Is Brown Rice efficient For Weight Loss?

Is weight loss on your mind for as long as you can remember? You will agree that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot fit into those jeans that you once so loved. Today, weight gain has become a growing concern even to those who lead active lives. So, what is the best way to stay in shape and lose that extra flab, you ask. We say, Brown Rice. Would you like to know more? Read on Is Brown Rice efficient For Weight Loss?

Why incorporate Brown Rice In Your Diet:

A lot of people, particularly weight loss aspirants, are skeptical about including rice in their meals. They be inclined to think that eating rice on a daily basis enhances carb intake and slows down fat burning. However, Brown rice is lower in calories, and it does come with several nutritional benefits.

A half-cup serving of Brown rice offers 110 calories, and you get fiber and protein too. The rice also has nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. So, you should include it in meals for overall health benefits as well.

How Can Brown Rice Be Beneficial In Losing Weight:

Brown rice is no miracle food that will make you drastically slim in a week, but eating this while following healthy lifestyle habits and exercising will help you lose weight faster. Below listed are the reasons you should consider Brown rice for weight loss:

Low In Density:

This basically means Brown rice keeps you full without filling you with excess calories . The fiber makes Brown rice low in energy density. So, you may feel full by eating less amount of Brown rice. Eating it at the beginning of meals can make you feel less hungry eventually.

Fiber-Rich Food:

There is no denying the role of fiber in the digestion process. Fiber in Brown rice facilitates bowel movements and helps eliminate toxins from the body in the process. It also boosts your body’s natural metabolism in a way. This is ideal for obese individuals on a weight loss mission.

Releases Sugar Into The Bloodstream Slowly:

Eating Brown rice aids in regulating blood sugar levels in the blood stream. This is not only beneficial for those with diabetes, but also for others as well. Since it releases sugar gradually, your body can process it slowly. This helps maintain insulin production in the body at the desired levels. You can keep the risk of diabetes at bay by eating Brown rice regularly.

Complete With Selenium:

Is Brown Rice efficient For Weight Loss?Selenium is one essential mineral required by the human body. It helps in boosting your body’s immune system. Selenium, thereby, protects your body from several ailments. This is essential when you switch to a new diet for losing flab. Many obese individuals feel weak when they adapt to a new diet.

Whole Grain Benefits:

Brown rice is whole grain, and hence it offers more nutritional benefits than white rice. In one 2008 study published by the venerable ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’, it was shown how people eating Brown rice based meals help obese people lose fat faster than those eating white rice. It offers no cholesterol and contains a good amount of magnesium – a key mineral. So, when it aids you lose flab, your body is not deprived of major nutrients.

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