How to overcome depression? 

How to overcome depression? 

Depression affects many people both young and old. Those suffering from depression suffer from low self-esteem and therefore need to cope with depression symptoms.

Several people do suffer from depression. It is quite a disability among those between ages 15-44. Both young and old suffer from it. Teenagers who have set back in love affair also through depression. Sometimes a person with a skin problem or suffering from acne could also get into depression as looks do matter to most people. Depression symptoms do set in if one feels negative about oneself.

Major Depression Disorder (MDD) is indeed biochemically based and has genetic roots. With treatment, people do show improvement. When under depression behavioral changes do take place and mood swings are there. Depression symptoms do cause much discomfort. Medical help is required to elevate depression and if depression symptoms persist long then it can affect one’s physical health. The mind and body are related to each other. Physical health gets affected if the mind does function properly.

How to overcome depression? 

Stress, tension, and emotional setbacks are mind related problems and do lead to physical problems such as obesity, heart disease, and other stress-related diseases.

How to overcome it?

1. Change outlook

With depression one suffers from negative thoughts such as “Nothing I try ever works out” “How could I have been so stupid?” “I am not worthy of being loved. One needs to change one’s attitude and think positive. One must cultivate a happy mind by thinking positively. One’s self-esteem gets affected in depression and therefore one must feel good about oneself.

2. Visualize a happy memory

Painful memories can cause depression. It is better o visualize happy moments in one’s life as one will feel better. It helps uplift depression. It is better to avoid gloomy thoughts. Encouraging thoughts make one feel good and thus one’s daily performance of chores also does improve. When in depression one’s daily routine gets affected.

3.Tell Me Something Good:

It is good to talk about good things about oneself rather than say “I’m boring.” “I’m a coward.”  “I’m ugly.”  “I’m not smart. One should have a positive image of oneself.

It is important to tell others about the good qualities of oneself. This way one will feel good about oneself and be able to overcome depression.

4. Make Plans

 When a person is depressed the only place the person chooses to be in the bed, preferably under the covers with the shades drawn. Lifting up the phone to hear a friendly voice, much less having plans outside the bare minimum (work, school, grocery store) feels way too difficult. One needs to get out of depression. Planning a fruitful activity does help. Making plans makes one feel positive about life. It helps one want to live again and not feel dejected and get into a feeling of not wanting to live.

4. Find Something to Look Forward To

This is a technique that does help a lot as it is important to look towards the future. One should not feel bleak about it. One could perhaps plan a trip or vacation or even hold a party. These attempts do help in overcoming depression.

Book a Trip, buy concert tickets, plan a party—whatever makes one happy and cheerful. Some women lie to go to the beauty parlor and append time on themselves. Spending time with loved ones like going out on holiday does help. Few people indulge in social activities as it provides a social commitment. Such moments help one to overcome depressing thoughts. Here are 5 Yoga Poses to Help Relax the Mind.


When a person is in depression he or she often gets isolated as few people understand what he or she is going through. Most people like to spend time with cheerful people and therefore it is important to work through depression with the help of the doctor and a trusted friend.

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