How To hold back Appetite Naturally

How to hold back appetite naturally

How To hold back Appetite Naturally

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What is appetite? Hunger is the body’s way of asking food for upholding whereas appetite is more about the want to munch something that appeals to the senses. Some tasty foods make you eat even when you are not actually hungry. Have you ever experienced that?

Health experts say that the want to eat is normally controlled by the brain & digestive system. Are you wondering how to hold back appetite naturally? Well, you are not only one aggressive to suppress appetite naturally; many people who have the habit of indulge eating or snacking generally worry about their appetite.

Well, there are some natural ways to hold back appetite. You do not require to skip meals or have nothing to eat yourself in the process. In fact, doing so may affect the health in many ways.

Instead of skipping meals, doing something about reducing the appetite might help. Also, it is not sensible to try pills that claim to suppress appetite. Some of them might come with side effects too.

 Now, let us discuss about some ways to hold back appetite.


Drinking some water might help restrain the appetite. But do not kill the appetite before having a nutritious meal. Use this method only to stay away from unhealthy snacks.

Never Go Hungry

Skipping one meal might seem an easy solution but it is not. This only makes things bad by doubling the cravings. An inner battle starts in which you might give up & eat more.

Green Tea

During snack time, consume green tea. This way, you can avoid some avoidable calorie consumption.


The right amount of physical activity in the life might also keep the appetite in place. Try it out once and see if it works.


How to hold back appetite naturallyLessen the portion size and enlarge the frequency of the meals. This might help you suppress the appetite.

Manage Stress

 Another reason to manage stress is that it makes you eat something. As stress deprives the body of its energy reserves, you might eat too much. So, curb the stress to curb your appetite.

Consume Enough Protein

One good thing about eating sufficient protein-rich foods is that they keep you feel full for longer. This might help you stay away form snacking.

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