How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

The question that often arises in one’s mind is how often one should wash one’s hair. One does not like the feel of hair that is greasy and unclean. One would like to go in for hair wash.

Other aspects of hair wash that need to be considered are what one needs to wash it with, how often it is supposed washed and how long one can go without washing one’s hair. It all much depends on one’s hair texture, scalp, as well as styling method.

Shampooing Your Hair

Shampooing one’s hair obviously implies keeping the hair clean. It is indeed the most popular method of cleaning one’s hair and getting rid of dirt, dandruff, product build-up, sweat, and excess oil from the hair. One wants to shampoo when one’s scalp feels itchy and hair becomes rather excessively oily, and one notices dirt flakes in one’s hair.

Shampoos do contain various ingredients that do help remove debris and oil from one’s hair. While this process does make one’s hair cleaner, it can also indeed damage it in case it is used excessively because shampoos do contain harmful chemicals as well as sulfates. One’s hair can get stripped of natural oils and thus make it dry as well as itchy.

  • One needs to have some oil in one’s hair in order to protect it from damage.
  • It is better to reduce the number of washes as too much shampooing does damage the hair.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?1. Hair Texture

Washing one’s hair much depends upon the texture of one’s hair and its type. In case, one has rather thick as well as curly hair, then one needs to wash one’s hair as frequently as those who have rather thin, straight as well as flat hair. The oily scalp is indeed more visible for those with thin hair. It is better to wash one’s thin hair every other day in order to keep it non-greasy as well as clean.

If one has normal hair of average thickness, then one must wait till one’s hair feels unclean as well as oily to wash it.

The same applies for dry hair too. Those who have fragile hair need to be more careful about the washing frequency as fragile hair is indeed more prone to damage. One must avoid washing too often.

2. Scalp Type

If one’s scalp is rather too oily and does produce too much oil that it needs to be washed every day, then it is better to do so. For a normal oily scalp, once in 2-3 days would be better much depending upon the condition of the hair.

Those who happen to be residing in an extremely humid place do require washing the hair daily. However, daily washing is not recommended as it strips the oil from the scalp and indeed damages the hair, thus making it dry as well as brittle.

3. Styling

If one is lathering one’s hair with hair creams as well as styling products, then one needs to wash one’s hair more frequently. The product does build-up in one’s hair thus causing it to become limp as well as dry, and therefore does need frequent cleaning.

If one’s hair is treated, blown-out or even processed, then the oil in one’s scalp does take more time to spread through the tresses on account of the damage. It is, therefore, better to wash it less often and condition it more.

4. Exercise Patterns

Does one exercise every day? Sweat a lot while exercising in the gym or while practicing intense power yoga? Then, hair washing has to be in different form.

The sweat decides as to how frequently one needs to wash one’s hair.

Sweat does spread the sebum in one’s hair thus leading to bad odor, and thus make the hair dirty.

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