Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

Although many people will say size does matter, the size of something doesn’t always define its value. This is always true especially with the wonders that most food sources provide us. Take wheat germ, for instance, its size is so little that if you put it alongside big fruits and vegetables, you won’t even notice it. However, when it comes to the essence of things, wheat germ is more nutritious than most huge-sized fruits and vegetables. Read about Health Benefits of Wheat Germ

From its outer protective shell down to its kernel, wheat germ is power-packed with all of the essential nutrients sufficient for your daily diet. Hence, it is very beneficial to one’s health. Here are some of the popular health benefits of wheat germ you might want to know.

It keeps the heart healthy

This powerful nutritional companion is rich in dietary fiber. If you are familiar with how this fiber works, it is responsible for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol which is usually attributed as the reason for most heart attacks and stroke incidents. Continuous consumption of wheat germ over time can help reduce the risk of heart-related deaths by a large margin.

It lowers bad cholesterol

This is closely related to keeping your heart healthy although we will be pointing out another helpful element which is present in wheat germ. As pointed in the first bullet, wheat germ is also rich in octacosanol which is responsible for increasing overall muscle health. The presence of octacosanol is also attributed to be a very helpful factor in lowering down bad cholesterol levels besides its fiber content.

It is a great source of antioxidant

An antioxidant is responsible for boosting your body’s immune system and could help you fight various forms of illnesses. Studies have proven that wheat germ alone can help you fill the need for antioxidants by adding it to your daily meal. The presence of a certain protein in wheat germ is said to be very effective in keeping your immune system in shape.

It improves muscular energy

This is one of the most recent finds about the nutritional benefits of wheat germ. As the body moves, it consumes the body’s energy and lowers your stamina over time. Recent finds have revealed that the daily consumption of wheat germ aids in increasing a person’s overall stamina due to its high octacosanol content. This powerful element is capable of repairing and restoring muscular tissues while increasing the muscles overall energy levels.

Health Benefits of Wheat GermIt has anti-aging properties

If your goal is to stay young and fit, wheat germ is a highly commendable companion for this need. Aside from providing protection from various illnesses and keeping youenergised, wheat germ can also keep you young due to its anti-aging properties. Wheat germ is like a concentrate of various essential nutrients which is why this is also often used for commercial purposes.

It helps prevent skin problems

Wheat germ is a good shield to keep your skin looking young a radiant. The high levels of Vitamin E, minerals and protein in each dose is sufficient enough to protect your skin from various forms of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, sunburn and even dull complexion.

It is useful for maintaining healthy hair

Hair fall and other related skin problems are signs that you’re not taking in the right amount of nutrients to keep your body in shape. While wheat germ is capable of protecting your skin from damage and infection, it is also helpful in maintaining healthy hair due to its power-packed structure.

The Nutritional Value of Wheat Germ

Basing on the popular health benefits mentioned above, you probably understand by now how powerful wheat germ is in improving overall health when added to your diet. It is power-packed. It is small but terrible. For educational purposes, here are some of the vitamins and minerals that are present in wheat germ:

Vitamins: Protein, Fiber, Complex Carbohydrates, Folate, Vitamin B (Thiamin, Niacin, and B6).

Minerals: Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorous, Selenium, and Calcium.

The common uses of wheat germ today

Over time, a lot of methods have been devised to maximize the use of wheat germ on our daily routine. In commercial products, for instance, wheat germ is often used as the front line to increase sales due to its numerous health benefits. Wheat germ nowadays is also becoming a common household thing and is often used to bake waffles, cookies, bread and various pastries. It is also a useful and healthy ornament used for salads and desserts like ice cream, soups, yogurt recipes, and a lot more.

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