Harmful food -White Flour Products

Harmful food -White Flour Products

Harmful food -White Flour Products are all good substances bran and germ is removed from the flour during the processing. Then it is bleached with the deadly chemical called ‘alloxan’, It is a bleaching agent similar to the Clorox. This compound destroys beta-cells of pancreas, leading to type 2 diabetes.

Finally, some coal-tar-derived from carcinogenic – cancer causing element vitamins are added and sold to unsuspecting public as ‘enriched’. White flour makes the blood sugar rise more than refined sugar.

Intestinal infections are the direct outcome of the white flour consumption. It is hard to chew, puts pressure on digestive system and is extremely low on the fiber. Mixed with the low-quality rice flour, it has no nutrient growing child requires.

Harmful food -White Flour ProductsBe cautious of things made from the flour, example bread, cakes, pancakes, pasta, etc. If you must eat them, eat them carefully. Foods made of the flour has no nutritional value at all, and origins more harm to body than good. Combine this with sugar and high heat baking, you have perfect combination to all kinds of degenerative diseases.

Wheat bread has recently been introduced as “healthier option”. Do not be mislead. Studies have shown that wheat is contaminated with the germ called mycotoxin.

When consumed in the high amount, this germ can be lethal and has been reported to cause rheumatoid arthritis, miscarriages, headaches, infertility, slow growth development in the children and prickly bowel.

Moreover, wheat converts to sugar rapidly and accelerates the aging in people with the low metabolic rate.

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