How To Get Rid Of Freckles Naturally

how to get rid of freckles

You can like the children should freckles on their faces, only when you are grown up you hate having freckles on the skin. Everyone needs how to get rid of freckles & has flawless and also tone skin.

What freckles seem like? Freckles are round, flat, & brown tiny spots in the size of a pin or needle or nail tips that resemble on one’s skin. They happen on the skin of men also women. Though they occur as of skin damage, though they are harmless. They have frowned against & most people want either to lighten or eliminate them from their faces in order to have flawless skin.

The most common causes for freckles are too much exposure to the sun, genes, hormonal imbalance, etc. They can occur on all over your body, but mostly they occur on areas that have often exposed to the sun. The people with fair skin that is sensitive to the sun are more likely to have them. These spots are slightly darker than the surrounding areas of the skin.

Do you want to get rid of freckles? Find here some of the home remedies to remove your freckles.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Freckles

1. Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is an efficient natural bleaching factor that can apply to lighten freckles also brown spots & make them fade over time. Lemon juice has the properties of natural lightening that work efficiently to lighten & eliminate freckles. It is the excellent natural cure that can use to reduce of any blemish, comprising pigmentation levels of freckles.

Remove the lemon & apply its juice on an affected areas of your skin, using fingers & massaging it smoothly. Allow the lemon juice soaks into your skin for ten to fifteen minutes, & then clean it off with lukewarm water. Apply this natural home remedy two times a day to lighten & get to reduce freckles across time.

2. Sour Cream:

Sour cream or milk include lactic acid that aids in getting rid of freckles. Apply any sour cream directly on the affected skin areas & allow it soak into the skin till it dries up. Instead of scrubbing it off the face with water, wipe it off smoothly with the soft tissue or the towel. The lactic acid in the sour cream or milk would peel apart the upper layer of the skin. This natural home remedy to lighten & eliminate freckles does not create any dryness or skin irritation. Apply this home remedy at least once regular until you reduce freckles.

An alternative choice is to clean the affected skin areas by sour milk regular. If you don’t have access to the sour milk, one can apply yogurt that is evenly good.

3. Honey:

  • Combine honey with water & warm the mix a little bit.
  • Apply this mix over the affected areas & allow it sit there for some time. Wash it off with the lukewarm water.


  • one can make a home herbal face mask with wheat germ & heated up honey.
  • Blend these two elements and apply on the freckles.
  • Allow it sit there for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off with the lukewarm water first & then again with cold water.
  • If you like one can also try instead a mix of yogurt & honey.
  • Apply it over the affected areas for 30 minutes daily and then rinse it off.

4. Fruit Masks and Peels:

how to get rid of frecklesTry this at home made the face mask prepared with fruits by combining two strawberries, the small piece of papaya, Any cucumber and pineapple. Use this homemade face mask on an affected areas, and wash it off after fifteen minutes.

Fruit Peels: Mixing fruits together and applying onto the face, & then allow them to sit on the face until they dry out is the excellent natural method to peel off the best damaged layer of the skin to fade away the freckles. The sticky fruits mask after drying out adhesive to the skin. Smoothly wipe off the dried mask that will help to peel off the damaged skin cells.

You can make a fruits peel by blending together strawberries and kiwi. Apply it over your face focusing on the areas affected with freckles. Allow the mixture to dry out entirely. Peel off the dried fruit, and then wash your face with water.

5. Papaya:

Papaya comprise of papain, an enzyme that can aid to lighten and to get rid of freckles. Squash the ripe papaya & apply on the affected areas. After it has dried out, wash it off with cold water. This home remedy aids in lightening & eliminating freckles & other types of blemishes. It further makes the skin healthy & soft.

A helpful tip is that as freckles can re-appear because of change in climate, one must apply the above home remedies for the longer period so because to keep the freckles at bay.

6. Vitamin C To reduce Freckles

Vitamin C aids in lightening freckles. So incorporate in the diet those foods which are rich in vitamin C, like kiwis, citrus fruits spinach & the other green leafy vegetables. Otherwise, one can take vitamin C supplements by the suggestion from the doctor.

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