Eight reasons to start your day with star anise tea

Eight reasons to start your day with star anise tea

Eight reasons to start your day with star anise tea

Indian spices are packed with many properties to keep you healthy and fit. One such spice that has often used but hidden in different spice mixes is star anise. From relieving joint pain to relief from bloating, this spice does it all. Here is Eight reasons to start your day with star anise tea or why adding star anise to your daily diet is essential.


One of the most efficient spices to assist digestion & prevent or reduce flatulence and bloating is star anise. Boil it with milk or water & sip for comfort. It is also safe for infants and decreases colic in them.

Fungal infections:

Star anise is known to hold anti-fungal properties that keep skin infections like candidiasis at bay according to the study published in the Korean Journal of Medical Mycology. It also checks mouth and throat infections.

Eight reasons to start your day with star anise teaSeveral diseases:

According to the various reports by star anise is rich in the antioxidants that prevent the free radicals from causing cellular damage, thereby decreasing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer. Therefore, star anise should be added to your daily diet to extract maximum benefits.


The antibacterial properties of this spice aid in keeping bacteria that cause bronchitis or asthma, at bay, as announced in the Journal of Medicinal Food. Being an expectorant, it helps recede a cough & provide support. Sipping star anise tea or the star anise flavoured milk is very beneficial.


Shikimic acid present in star anise exhibits antiviral properties that keep flu and fever & bay. In sequence with quercetin, which is an antioxidant, the shikimic acid is efficacious against influenza.


Star anise oil has massaged on joints for relief from lower back or joint pain. It is found to be effective against disease too. Star anise oil is possible easily, or it can be served by adding star anise powder to hot olive or coconut oil & allowed to steep.


According to the Chinese traditional medicine practices, star anise tea or milk is given to the new mothers to enhance lactation and boost immunity. Anethole contains in star anise has an estrogenic effect that supports hormonal health in women.

Good sleep:

The soothing property of star anise is a surefire tip for a good night’s sleep. Drinking a glass or warm star anise flavoured milk before bedtime can help you sleep better.

Star Anise has been found to aid digestion, help with fungal, viral … Most of the symptoms were gone within an hour and completely gone the next day. I think you start your day after reading this Eight reasons to start your day with star anise tea.

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