Easy and simple Tips for manicure at home

Easy and simple Tips for manicure at home

Easy and simple Tips for manicure at home

Below i have explained you easy and simple tips for manicure at home. Try and enjoy with beautiful hands.

Nail shape

Shaping of your hand nails is very very important as women really do show off their community. Previously, people always used to adopt the square or oval shaped nails. But today, the latest shape is known as ‘squoval’. This is a amazing shape which is neither square nor oval. You can use a file to get a great shape to your hand nails. If you want to make your hand look chubby, go for square nails.

Nail polish

People have the habit of shaking nail polish before applying it over nails. It is almost certainly a wrong practice. You must roll the nail polish bottle against your hand before applying it on your nails. This is an effectual way of mixing nail polish without configuration of bubbles. You must apply nail polish in layers so that colors come out in the great shape.


Easy and simple Tips for manicure at homeThe process of manicure also includes an art of scrubbing or washing. For making natural scrubber, you can take 2 spoons of white wider granule sugar and add little honey in it. You can also require ingredients like olive oil & milk. First of all, you have to soak your hand in warm water for the period of ten minutes. Now you can add few drops of warm milk to your hands. Now apply honey to your feet and keep it as it is. Now apply scrub made up of sugar and honey and rub on the hand in a calm way. Now wash the hand with Luke warm water.

Butter milk Manicure

In order to make the butter milk manicure, you should require brush, hot water, two cups of butter milk, Vitamin E oil, half cup of orange juice, etc. Take all these ingredients in the container and blend it very well. Now soak the skin in butter milk as this will prove to be a amazing conditioner. Even your nails adjoining the nails will look amazing after this step. This can also be treated as the mild exfoliate. You can scrub the skin softly and wash it away after sometime to get best result.

There are many other home made process of the manicure. You can also ask your younger sister or mother or someone else at home to help you with the process. Just with the help of some home ingredients, it is quite easy to get the manicure treatment. Your skin and nails would always remain fresh and glowing if you can daily carry on with the procedure.

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