Croup-Respiratory infection


Croup is a respiratory tract infection in children. It affects the wind pipe (trachea), voice box (larynx) and bronchi. Children with croup infection find it difficult to breathe due to blockage of the wind pipe, they even have cough and their voice is also changed. Read about Croup-Respiratory infection.

Croup is caused by a virus called as parainfluenza virus. It is caused in children of age 3months – 3years, it is seen in adults too but very rare. It is more often seen during winter season.


Symptoms are same as common cold. First symptom is running nose, cold, it usually aggravates at night and snoringCroup-Respiratory infection due to blockage of the wind pipe, cough, hoarse noise. Fever is also another common symptom. The skin around noise becomes red to purple. Fatigue, agitation, difficult in swallowing and eating any food or drinking water are other symptoms.


Treatment is very simple and can be treated at home itself. Comforting the child is very important by rubbing onCroup-Respiratory infection their back and chest with balm, not allowing them to cry, due to this uneasiness which worsens the situation. If croup seems increasing it is always advised to see a doctor, he may give oral corticosteroids which help in clearing the tract or in some extreme conditions oxygen mask and nasal spray or adrenaline is given.

They are chances of developing other conditions like pneumonia and middle ear infection. Proper care must be taken to avoid any further infections.


  • Maintaining a clean environment and maintaining hygienic conditions around help in avoiding croup infection.
  • Washing hands keeping all surfaces clean by using antibacterial solution.
  • Giving your kid always properly cooked food. Food should be served warm.
  • Staying away from people who have cold or other respiratory infections.
  • Taking in good amount of fluids so that dehydration doesn’t develop.


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