Coconut Oil Helps Treat Acne,Traditional Treatment

Coconut Oil Helps Treat Acne,Traditional Treatment

How to use coconut oil for acne scars is what matters to those who suffer from this hormonal imbalance. Washing face with coconut oil for acne can be considered for relief from acne.

Coconut oil for acne is considered to be good. It is an effective form of treatment known all across the world. Coconut oil happens to be rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. and is oil-fighting and beneficial for acne which is oily inflammation.

How and What Causes Acne? 

Acne occurs due to an infection in the open sebum gland. This happens to be a microscopic exocrine gland that is located in the skin. This gland does function to release a variety of oils to keep skin moist and not dry. In case of a blockage in the sebum gland, it is not impossible to cause problems with one’s skin. It is blocked by bacteria and obstructed by sebum secretion. This blockage then gets followed by inflammation, swelling, pain as well as redness.

The question that arises is how to use coconut oil for acne scars and this e shall get to know soon.

Why Acne Most Experienced by Adolescents?

Before knowing about its use, it is better to understand why adolescents experience acne most. There are several reasons for this. Among them are that certain hormonal changes take place, adolescent sebum production increases, and the skin becomes oily. If sebum has increased production, the risk of acne can in fact increase. This acne appears in the form of small pimples that happen to be very painful.

Another problem that leads to prolonged acne problems is a lifestyle, such as using soap indiscriminately. At times the soap used does not really stop oil secretion. In fact, it can damage the protective skin of microbial acids. This leads to the pores opening up and dirt and bacteria clogging up the pores. Then, it starts to store sebum under the surface of the skin, and in course of time, the skin is red, irritated, swollen, and painful.

Coconut Oil for Acne Treatment

Coconut oil nutrients help to overcome acne.

1. Rich in vitamin E

Coconut oil keeps the sebum gland active and can in fact clear the blockages in one’s skin pores. It treats acne from the root of the problem.

Vitamin E present in coconut oil happens to be a regulator of hormones that can indeed reduce fluctuations in natural hormones. This will keep the sebum gland from being hyperactive.

2. Prevent microbial infections

Coconut oil is a great agent for dealing with microbes and the most powerful found in food. These two important substances are capric acid and lauric acid.

When the coconut oil is smeared on the skin, and in case of microbes present on the surface of one’s skin then these will get converted to monocaprin and monolaurin. This substance then tends to replace the protective layer of acid on one’s skin. The acne does develop on account of microbial infection. Using coconut oil can in fact minimize microbes.

3. Coconut Oil Reduces Inflammation

Coconut oil happens to be a substance that can in fact soothe the skin; it can also penetrate well into the layers of one’s skin so that o application can immediately give calm to one’s skin. Coconut oil can also help heal wounds that occur due to severe acne. 

Coconut oil also does play a role in maintaining hormonal balance.

Coconut Oil Helps Treat Acne,Traditional Treatment

The use of coconut oil for acne can be useful in two ways, firstly rubbing it on the outside of the skin and secondly by taking it orally. For maximum benefit, experts feel that it can be applied internally and externally. For consuming it, a person can add to his or her food or even consume it directly.

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