Best Foods That Flatten Your Belly In Just 15 Days

best foods that flatten your belly in just 15 days

Does having the pot belly makes you unlikeable and unattractive. There are many reasons for the pot belly, one of the common reason is presence of gas in abdomen. Bloating and gas makes your tummy to swell abnormally.

Gas build up in stomach does not only cause it to stick out outwards but also causes the feeling of discomfort. You can easily figure out that your belly is swollen not due to the extreme fat but only because of gas.

The good news is that, you can easily get the flat belly within just a matter of a few days. So get ready to wear the favourite tight dress which you are currently embarrassed to wear because of belly fat.

There are some of the best foods that flatten your belly in just 15 days as they help to remove all gases and treat bloating. Take a look at these natural foods to flatten the tummy. Try out these home remedies to flatten belly:


Papaya contains an enzyme called as papain which helps in protein digestion. If digestion takes place well then there will be no gases. You can have green papaya as it is rich in papain. This is one of the best food to flatten your tummy or belly.


It is rich in an enzyme known as bromelain which helps in the process of digestion thus preventing stomach gases. It makes your tummy flat and slim. Pineapple is among the best natural food to flatten tummy.


Avocado contains the digestive enzyme called as lipase. This enzyme breaks down the fat and helps to move food downwards from stomach to intestines thus preventing accumulation of gases in the stomach. Pineapple is also rich in potassium which removes water reserved in your belly.


It acts as the carminative, this means it is used to eradicate gases from abdomen. It gives relief from pain and discomfort from bloating. Having ginger tea regularly will help to make the tummy flat. It is one of the best foods to flatten your tummy.


It is rich in the good bacteria or probiotics which help in the process of digestion and also helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. It has been proven that having yoghurt or curd decreases gases and bloating by 80 %.


Bananas are rich in the potassium which helps to decrease bloating. It also removes the fluid retained in the body that causes swelling. So always eat ripe bananas to flatten the tummy or belly.

Lemon Juice

Lime water helps in digestion, treats constipation and also removes surplus water retained in the stomach. Have lemon juice 1 hour before breakfast to reduce swelling of stomach and to stop bloating.


It increases the frequency and volume of urine, as you urinate frequently all the water and salts causing your stomach to swell are removed from the body. So watermelon is an excellent remedy to flatten your stomach.

Herbal Teas

best foods that flatten your belly in just 15 daysYou can have chamomile and peppermint tea which eases bloating and helps in digestion. It does not make you feel heavy after having the meal. So have the herbal tea after having your meals. It is one of the best tea to flatten your stomach fast.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A.C.V is effectual in eliminating bloating and gas. It helps to reduce your tummy or belly in size as the gas is removed from the stomach. Make sure to dilute it with water before consuming. Dilute one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the glass of water and drink it before a meal to get rid of bloating.

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