Beauty Benefits Of Drumstick Leaves

Beauty benefits of drumstick leaves

Beauty Benefits Of Drumstick Leaves

Most of us use the drumsticks in a variety of  recipes and enjoy its taste but researchers say that almost every part of that tree (leaves, branches etc) offers one or the other benefits. In this post, let us discuss about the beauty benefits of drumstick leaves for skin.

Your hair and skin require nutrients for healthy maintenance. And drumstick leaves provide you just that; they are loaded with the vitamins and minerals. Manganese, Silica, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper and Calcium are some of the minerals found in these leaves.

The leaves of the drumstick can moisturise the skin, rinse the skin and also nourish it with nutrients. And that is why it is used both in home remedies as well as certain beauty products.

The oil extracted from the drumstick leaves is good for the scalp and hair. Using it frequently can solve the dandruff issues and split ends. It strengthens the hair follicles as well as the scalp-tissue. As it also contains Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant, the flow of the blood on the scalp can be greatly improved.

Also, the zinc present in the leaves indirectly promotes the growth of hair. Also, these leaves do a good job in preventing the clogged pores.

In fact, due to its cleansing abilities, the seeds of drumsticks are used in the certain cleansing lotions. It can protect the skin from harmful effects of pollution.

Now, let us discuss about the beauty benefits of drumstick leaves.

They Slow Down the Ageing

Drumstick leaves are rich in anti-ageing agents. They can first rinse your skin and protect it from free radical damage. This helps in preventing the wrinkles. You can use their paste as a face pack.

They Can combat Acne

If you wish to combat with acne, apply the paste of these leaves after adding a few drops of lemon. It can heal those areas.

They Can Purify the Blood

We all know that the fact that toxins or unhealthy substances in the system crash the quality of the skin too. Well, if you wish to purify the blood, add a few spoons of drumstick leaves-juice to the small quantity of hot milk and consume the mixture. This detoxifies the system.

They support Healthy Skin

As they are rich in the antioxidants (they contain nearly 30 types), they can support the healthy skin. Some of the people use the oil extracted from the leaves whereas some prefer the paste of the leaves on the skin.

They Are Useful In Face Packs

The leaves can be pasted and used as the face pack. A few drops of lemon, a pinch of the turmeric powder and some sandalwood powder can be added to a teaspoon of drumstick-leaves-paste. Applying it and rinsing it after 20 minutes will leave the skin glowing.

They Can Treat Dark Spots

You can also use the paste of these leaves on areas where you have dark spots and other types of blemishes. Most of such skin problems can be treated by these leaves.

Beauty benefits of drumstick leaves

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