A 15-Minute Butt and Legs Workout to do anywhere

A 15-Minute Butt and Legs Workout to do anywhere

Exercises to tone stomach bum and thighs can tone up one’s body. It is also advisable to go in for a 20-minute leg workout for adequate exercise to strengthen the thigh.

If in search of a leg-day challenge, a bodyweight lower-body workout probably is not the real option on hand. It requires external resistance, in the form of free weights or perhaps resistance bands.

Single-leg moves do help. Exercises to tone stomach bum and thighs do help.

No doubt, bodyweight training while making use of single-leg or unilateral moves is not all that easy. It does require a lot of single-leg stability, as well as hip, knee, and ankle stability, as well. Several people who can squat a significant amount of weight bilaterally do tend to struggle to perform a few reps when tend to try unilateral leg moves with only their respective bodyweight. A 20-minute leg workout can be done.

Single-leg moves are also in fact much helpful for building lower-body strength. A solid bodyweight lower-body routine making use of unilateral moves, such as the one Fagan created below, focuses on the main movement patterns: hip extension from a horizontal position (think, glute bridges), a hip hinge (such as a deadlift), a squat pattern, and hip abduction (a side-lying leg lift). This does work on one’s lower body muscles such as quads, hamstrings, as well as glutes, which include the smaller glute muscles that do function as hip abductors. All this can be done in a zippy.

It is good to carry out exercises to tone the stomach bum and thighs.

An additional benefit of single-leg lower-body workouts happens to be that they tend to help a person identify strength imbalances—several persons have one side that happens to be stronger than the other. I noticed, it is evident that a significantly stronger or weaker side during this workout is something to reckon with. Two aspects can do work to build balanced strength.

The initial option is to start on one’s weaker side, and then carry out as many reps as it is possible on that side. Then, the same number has to be performed on the stronger side. After the prescribed sets are done with, then about two additional sets need to be done on the weaker sides.

The other option is to start on one’s stronger side, and then attempt to match that number of reps on one’s weaker side, even though it probably will not be possible to do it all in one shot. For example, a person can do 10 single-leg glute bridges on the right leg. Maybe on the left, a person can only do 6. After a person completes that 6, they take a rest for about 20 seconds or so, and then carry out the remaining 4. The program is completed with two additional sets on one’s weaker side.

A 15-Minute Butt and Legs Workout to do anywhere

What to do and what is needed for an intense bodyweight lower-body workout that does focus on single-leg strength.

The Workout What you need:  An exercise mat for comfort.



  • Single-leg glute bridge
  • Side-lying leg lift


  • Sidestep to squat
  • Warrior balance
  • Frog pump withhold


  • In the first superset, try to complete 10-15 reps per side of the glute bridge and then 15-20 per side of the leg lift. Complete about 3 rounds total. Then take a rest for 1-2 min after all the rounds are done.
  • In the triset, complete 10-15 reps per side of the squat and warrior balance. Then do complete AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of the frog pump. Complete about 3 rounds total.

People can carry out 20-minute leg workouts for good results.

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