8 Step Guide To get Gorgeous Skin

8 step guide to get gorgeous skin

8 Step Guide To get Gorgeous Skin

At any given point a woman loves to show off her a gorgeous looking skin. The key to get gorgeous skin starts from deep within. Drinking tons of water to blush out toxins or unhealthy substances, removing makeup at night before going to the bed, rinsing your face thrice in day and so on help you 8 step guide to get gorgeous skin.

For sensitive skin, perform a patch test before you apply or follow any of these 8 steps to get gorgeous skin. Take a look at this guide to a better looking you!

Pre Cleanse

It is best to remove the makeup with a liquid remover as an alternative of only water. Follow up with an application of cleansing oil to draw out or remove bacteria and sebum. This will leave your skin looking soft and healthy.

Recleanse 8 step guide to get gorgeous skin

Use a foaming cleanser on the skin after 10 minutes of pre cleansing you face to remove makeup. This is the second most important tip to get gorgeous skin.


To get smooth skin use the natural exfoliator to help marsh the dead skin cells. In the process of exfoliating your face, pay attention to lips as well.

Tone Up

Use a kind clarifying toner to soothe skin and to help it in restoring the pph balance. This is an very important tip to get gorgeous skin naturally.

An Essence

An essence is the natural nourishing liquid which concentrates on helping to enhance the skin’s cellular renewal process. Spray only the little of natural essence on the face and valve it for faster absorption. The best natural essence to use is cinnamon spray. It will make you feel refreshed and smells great.

Face Masks

A vitamin based face mask will help to make you feel heavenly. Use the fruits like oranges, strawberries, banana and milk content to enhance your facial appearance. These face masks also help to reduce blemishes and other skin problems.


Its necessary to blend the skin using a light moisturiser. Use the fingertips to massage the cream on your face for better movement. By doing so, it will help to make you look brighter and beautiful.

Night Cream

There are lot of people who ignore usage of the night cream. Although, applying a natural night cream gives you a great looking skin the next day morning. Lather milk cream on your face half an hour before going to bed.

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