8 Best Home Remedies For Sweaty Hands

8 Best Home Remedies For Sweaty Hands

Sweaty hands are the real put off, & the condition disturbs many of the human beings & affects their personal and social life as well. Most of them are upset and embarrassed by the situation & shy away from society & personal contact. Various reasons like hormone problems, stress, etc. can be connected to sweaty hands. Below are 8 Best Home Remedies For Sweaty Hands.

Instead of disturbing about your problem, try these amazing remedies that not only aid to treat the condition but also stop further episodes of sweaty hands triumphantly. These resources are readily accessible at home & can also be transferred along with you during you are in the movement so that you hands rest dry & fresh all throughout the day.


Water is an extraordinary cooling remedy, & sweaty hands are especially worse on people whose body becomes hot very fast. The best method to avoid this is to drink lots of cool water full complete the day. It will assist the body to remain cool & prevent sweaty hands as well. Take at least two-three liters of water to keep the body temperature under control.

Green Tea

Green tea face mask has many medicinal as well as astringent properties and aids in drying the sweat simply by closing the pores. Green tea also assists in removing surplus oils & moisture from your skin and thereby stops sweat from disappearing into the surface of the skin.

Drinking green tea would also have the detoxifying impact on the body, and this will reduce the bad odor in the sweat & prevent bacterial action on the sweating as well. Take two to three cups of green tea daily also dab some green tea ice cubes in your hands now and then to prevent the sweaty hands.


Alcohol has the dehydrating and drying effect on the body also, therefore, an excellent natural remedy for healing sweaty palms. Alcohol-Based products or Rubbing alcohol on the hands will quickly provide the drying result to the palms. It is suggested to use alcohol wipes now & then to control the sweatiness of palms.


Cornstarch is an easy dusting remedy that has used for various reasons like for controlling sweaty hands, feet & armpits completely.

Cornstarch is unscented & resembles talcum powder & therefore does not create any confusion when applied often. It is also a good receptive & aids in keeping the skin dry. Dust the hands with cornstarch all during the day to heal sweaty hands.

Orange Peels and Lemon

Lemon powder or orange peels powder too is wonderful for controlling the sweaty hands. They are too good in that they leave the hands with a fresh & unique aroma as well. Take the lemon and orange peels also dry them in the sunlight.

It should powder & stored in the airtight jars. When needed, you can use them as the dusting powder or combine them with water & leave the coat on the hands & permitted to dry. The powder can also be combined with baking powder & used for dusting & deodorizing the hands.

8 Best Home Remedies For Sweaty HandsTomato Juice

The astringent and cooling properties of the tomato juice too would aid in controlling the sweaty hands & palms. Drink the cool tomato juice daily to keep the body cool. Use tomato sauce on the palm for having the pal soft & dry.


Another excellent astringent that can utilize for controlling the sweaty hands is vinegar. Dab vinegar in the palms 2 to 3 times per day to prevent excessive sweating and keep the hands dry from sweat.

Rose Water

Rose water for skin is another remedy that can work for controlling the sweaty hands. Make rose water by boiling the rose petals in water & combining the few drops of the rose oil for scent. It can be placed in the jar and applied for tapping on the hands many times to prevent sweating.

Caution: Please use the above mentioned natural Remedies after right Research & Guidance. You believe that you are following any directions at your risk & will correctly research or consult the healthcare professional.

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