7 Latest Trends in Nose Rings

7 Latest Trends in Nose Rings

Nose rings are meant to enhance the beauty and make a woman or girl to look more attractive. It is part of jewelry fashion that adorns a woman and one is choosy about the nose ring one wears on the nose as it must suit one’s taste and personality. Both city-bred women and women living in villages and small towns also make use of nose rings to look good.

Brides adorn themselves with gorgeous looking nose rings and some of them are very big and round. It is part of wedding jewelry. Even casual occasions or for parties young girls and women have nose rings on. In fact in some countries, a particularly in the Third World countries it is part of the tradition to have nose rings and even tribal women in Africa and elsewhere have such nose rings usually made of silver.

It would be interesting to take note of various nose- rings which are popular as fashion jewelry. Here are a few fresh trends in nose rings:

Diamond Nose Ring:

Very stylish indeed and one with expensive taste will definitely prefer diamond nose ring. It is available in different forms such fishtail, twist, and screw and can be had in silver, platinum or gold. One can have it in white, black and yellow or in pink metal.

14K Gold Nose Ring:

These are commonly used and also look very good on the nose. One can have them in yellow, white, black and pink metal and also use diamond studded 14k gold nose ring. One can go in for gold hoop nose ring or 14 K Rose hoop gold ring or solid 14k Black hoop gold ring and so forth. There many to choose from. Choose the one that suits most your personality and taste. One can have gemstones fixed in different colors such as red, yellow, pink, blue and so forth.

Platinum Nose Ring:

One can try out platinum nose hoop ring, or nose ring twist screw with diamonds, nose ring straight fishtail, platinum nose ringbone. This is one of the latest trends in nose rings that one can select from.

Surgical Steel Nose Ring:

One can have a gold plated nose ring or Bezel set steel nose ring twist or perhaps a bezel set surgical steel nose ring twist and so forth. One can try out bezel set steel nose ring L-shaped or even gem bezel anodized surgical nose ringbone. Some refer to try out purple anodized surgical steel nose hoop. Styles are different. One can have them in bone, basic, twist, hoop or I-shaped.

Bone Nose Ring:

One can have them in different styles such as diamond bezel set 14 K gold nose ring, diamond dome 14 k gold bezel set, pink diamond 950 platinum nose ring bone, blue diamond 950 Platinum Nose bone ring etc. One can have them in 14k gold, surgical steel, gold plated, anodized steel, bioplast, acrylic, sterling silver etc. It is available in varied metallic colors such as yellow, white, green, black, multicolor, purple.

Fishtail Nose Ring:

One can make a section from gem bezel set steel nose ring fishtail or faux opal straight fishtail nose ring and tiny surgical steel nose ring fishtail apart from much more. They are available in platinum, 14K gold, surgical steel, titanium and the gemstone color can be in clear, blue, red, pink, green, black and so forth. One can have them in white, yellow pink and blue.

L-Shape Nose Ring:

One can choose from diamond flush bezel set or diamond dome bezel set or even gem bezel set steel nose ring and so forth. They are available in anodized steel, gold plated, 14k gold and surgical steel. They are available in different colors such as yellow, pink, black, multi-color, blue green and purple.

The above are the Latest Trends in Nose Rings.

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