7 Healthy food tips to follow during the Coronavirus outbreak

7 Healthy food tips to follow during the Coronavirus outbreak

Food tips during the Coronavirus are indeed useful to have hearty meals at home during the lockdown. Healthy foods for Coronavirus are good to have.

Similar to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic impact on health, food habits have has also got affected. In other words, eating habits have changed. Some people are in fact-finding it difficult to manage their daily meals while some fortunate ones have necessary food items stocked up.

As parents happen to be working from home and juggling work with household responsibilities, thinking about ‘today’s menu has become common and has added to the problems of a chaotic day. 

Food Tips During The Coronavirus :

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has come up with Coronavirus food tips as well as healthy eating habits during the Coronavirus crisis.

1. Eat Green Vegetables

It is important to ensure that the family gets adequate nutrition during the Cornonavirus pandemic. Make sure the family gets the right amount of nutrition by consuming green leafy vegetables. During the lockdown on account of the Coronavirus crisis, there has been a shortage of vegetables at times or selling at a higher price. The number of food options available also gets limited. It is better to avoid panic buying perishable items in bulk, as it will lead to food wastage.

2. Snack Right

Snacks also form an integral part of the diet. It is not simply a question of having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also what a person has in between meals also matters. It is important to avoid eating junk food as well as processed food for snacks. It is better to have fresh fruits instead. One can prepare a quick veggie sandwich as well in case a person feels hungry. Munching dry fruits can be tasty as well as healthy.

3. Sort Out Basics

Basics such as rice and dal can be stored for a longer period and they do satiate one’s hunger. It is better to depend upon such basic food items. Healthy food for Coronavirus is the adage to be followed.

4. Restrict Processed Food Intake

Ready-to-eat products, instant food items, packaged food, etc. are worth considering as viable food options during this pandemic. Students who live alone and people who are finding it difficult to manage work as well as cooking might indeed depend a lot on processed food. However, make a conscious decision to limit its intake as too much of it can indeed be harmful to the body. It is important to ensure a balanced diet.

5. Avoid Sugary Drinks

It is necessary to have access throughout the day to the refrigerator and this must not lead to increased consumption of soft drinks. Keep a track of alcohol consumption as well as indulgence in it is bad for health.

6. Water Is Essential

Staying hydrated is very essential for the human body irrespective of the current crisis. Keep sipping water throughout the day. The Coronavirus crisis has occurred during the summer season, thus making it even more important to stay hydrated. In case a person finds it difficult to meet the daily quota of drinking water, it is advisable to consider setting an alarm on the phone to help prompt to keep sipping water at regular intervals.

7. Special Meals

7 Healthy food tips to follow during the Coronavirus outbreak

On days when a person happens to have a light working day or have a holiday, it is better to opt for cooking special meals. Kids would simply love to have pizza, pasta, or whatever else they so desire to have. In fact, children can help prepare such special meals and it can be a fun family-bonding time. It would be interesting to take time out to select the menu, preparing the meal, and serving it.

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