6 Surprising Cornichon Substitutes

6 Surprising Cornichon Substitutes

It is important to know more about cornichon substitutes and this can be done in one’s kitchen time as well as in the local supermarket. One has to search around and also make use of it.

Cornichon Substitutes

These are French-style pickled cucumbers and are quite popular of late. One finds them necessary in one’s kitchen. The cornichon substitutes are still necessary around one’s kitchen in case one less of them in one’s kitchen.

Cornichon is about 1-2 inches in length and does offer a deliciously sharp and sour flavor and a crunchy texture.

They are traditionally eaten with a cold spread of bread, cheeses, salads, and meats, but can be chopped and incorporated into other recipes, such as tartar sauce.

6 Surprising Cornichon SubstitutesDill Gherkins

In fact, the closest substitution to these cornichons, which are dill gherkins is also pickled cucumbers that are of quite a similar flavor and texture. They are really all that same. Dill gherkins are indeed made from a larger variety of cucumber and purists that will attest to the crunchier nature of cornichons.

Salted Cucumber

In order to achieve a homemade version of cornichons, one can cut a cucumber into long chunky slices and then allow them to soak in a bowl with salt, tarragon, as well as vinegar.


One can treat zucchinis in a similar way to cucumber. Both members of the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae), the zucchini does offer a similar base flavor to the cornichon but will also be denser and less moist than cucumbers.

Pickled Vegetables

If it is the sour and pickled flavor that one actually wants then one need not necessarily go in for the cucumber family. One can try out a range of pickled vegetables. Carrot, cabbage, and radish do indeed pickle very well. Either one can make one’s own pickle at home or even buy them from a supermarket or deli.


If one is simply looking for something tangy, sour, as well as sweet to go along with one’s cheese and crackers, there are a range of chutneys that will rather be palatable indeed and one would like the taste. These can be had along with plain and rich foods as well.

White Vinegar

One can add just a little white vinegar for flavor.


Relish these substitutes to cornichon and one will have a tasty meal. They are worth trying out. One must have them in one’s kitchen and make sure that one does not miss out on the taste if one runs out of cornicons. Indeed one will be rather a glad one has these substitutes while cooking as one ould not like to compromise on the quality of one ’s cooking. Kitchen needs to be well equipped even if one has to keep substitutes to in ingredients such cornichons.

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