5 Habits That Men Routinely Fall In Love With

Men Routinely Fall In Love

Whether one is looking for a long-term partner, or already has one, it does pay to have the right habits in a relationship.

The thing about guys is that they do not always know how to articulate what they want in their woman.

Most men were not exactly taught how to express their feelings while growing up. So it can be tricky sometimes for them to let their partner know about their emotional and physical needs.

And this leads to all sorts of misunderstandings and unfulfilled expectations, which can indeed put a wedge between both the partners.

1. Play Hard to Get

  • Several women and men do try to make someone to put on a detached-but-I-might-be-attracted-to-you kind of act.
  • Also, these women may also wait for an arbitrary amount of time to reply to messages (e.g., a couple of hours, a few days, etc.) in order to avoid looking desperate. Worse, they will also pretend they are busy, hoping it will make a guy more interested in them.
  • But this approach really tends to backfire.
  • It is confusing – and worse, the man will eventually see through this stilted act. This, of course, is no doubt a huge turn-off.
  • There is no problem showing interest in a guy. And there is also no need to this day and age to play silly mind games.
  • Instead, one can play a different kind of game – one built on authenticity.
  • Give one’s guy hints that one likes him, and be enthusiastic when one is together. Experts do find that a person starts falling in love with someone once they knew they wanted them.
  • As for the “playing hard to get” part, that also means actually being busy. It is better to be fully engaged with all the other parts of your life. One has one’s work, social life, hobbies and other passions that do make one well-rounded and happy.
  • If that makes one unavailable from time to time, it is good.
  • People who were hard to get do give the impression that they are a scarce resource.

2: Rock His World

In a nutshell, one does need to generate strong emotions within one’s guy while he is with you. He will then associate those feelings with oneself, which naturally does create a spark.

People do have a habit of transferring their feelings from one set to the next.

What does this mean?

For instance, if one nearly hit another car while driving to work, one would carry those negative vibes into the office. That previous, unrelated experience would bleed into the rest of one’s day.

Some refer to this as “emotional misattribution” or “emotional leakage” – which is a human tendency to attach strong feelings to the nearest person, even if they had little to do with it.

Being physically aroused can easily translate into a sexual attraction. So, if one can find a way to keep things exciting for him – like doing sports or something physically intensive – then he will latch those feelings onto oneself.

Men Routinely Fall In Love 3: Laugh at His Jokes

  • Admittedly, a lot of women reacted to this sort of advice with a raised eyebrow.
  • But hear me out – this could indeed be a game-changer in one’s relationship.
  • One must not roll on the floor with tears in one’s eyes if his jokes do a bomb.
  • A polite chuckle is indeed perfect; as that gives him the hint that he is not funny (i.e. one is not attracted to him).
  • But if one is funny bone really is tingling from his witty one-liners, then go ahead and do laugh.
  • Studies do show that humor is a huge factor in sexual attraction. As one already knows, women do like guys who are funny because it is a sign of intelligence (which is an attractive trait).
  • This seems like it is not so much about treating a guy’s ego with kid gloves…

4: Find Strength in Numbers

  • According to several studies, one can be more attractive by hanging out with one’s friends.
  • Someone’s perception of another person changes favorably once
    one is in a group.
  • On the surface, one might think it is so as one will appear more sociable and friendly. This does makes one attractive without looking like one is trying too hard.

5. Appeal to His Sensual Side

  • Any guy who is interested in women will obviously want physical intimacy in the relationship.
  • Many women are lacking on this front.
  • A lot of them to take for granted the power of using their feminine charm to win a guy over.
  • For instance, women do underestimate the power of physical touch.
  • So making use of body language is an excellent way to ignite the man’s senses – whether it’s brushing against his arm or leg against one’s “accidentally”…
  • …or putting one hand on his arm for a few precious seconds.
  • And of course, men also do appreciate variety when it comes to the main event in bed. One needs to make an effort and take the initiative to spice things up every now and then.

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