5 Best energy drinks during pregnancy

Energy drinks during pregnancy

Energy drinks, be it mixed fruit juice, vegetable juice or the commonly available lemonade should be taken during the crucial pregnancy days. This not only ensures health for the expecting mother but also gives strength to the developing baby. Below explained regarding energy drinks during pregnancy.

Drinking Energy drinks during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in any woman’s life. It is during these days that maximum care should be ensured, so that both the expecting mother and developing baby gets wholesome energy.

While every effort should be made to provide healthy and refreshing energy drinks to pregnant woman, care should be taken that no drink containing high quantity of caffeine is taken accidentally by the expecting mother.

Instead, a combination of healthy energy drinks as listed below should be taken to ensure better development for baby and the mother alike.

Mixed fruit Juices

Some women do not like taking milk alone during the pregnancy days. In such cases, mixing a variety of fruits to get a glass full of health is highly advised. Range of berries and fruits as apples can be mixed along with milk and taken once a day. The preparation is healthy indeed and will give the much needed energy to the expecting mother.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is another healthy drink that should be taken during pregnancy days. Coconut water is a rich source of micronutrients and can help keep the fluctuating Blood Pressure under check. Taking coconut water during the last trimester of pregnancy is highly advisable as it helps keep Blood Pressure in check and soothes the senses of the expecting mother who is undergoing a tough time during this period. Coconut water health benefits are more.

Vegetable Juices

Vegetable Juices are another health drink option that can be tried in the pregnancy days. Vegetable juices comprising of spinach and mint, carrot and gooseberry, bottle gourd and carrot can be tried for a change. Moreover, you can also try a range of other options to come up with energy drinks that would prove to be truly refreshing and energetic for the expecting mother.

Energy drinks during pregnancy


Lemonade is a unique health drink that should be tried without fail by the expecting mother. To prepare a healthy lemon drink full of energy, you need to cut a lemon into half and squeeze the same in a glass of cold water. A dash of salt or sugar along with some mint leaves can be added to the same. The lime juice is not only refreshing in nature but comes along with many added health benefits of lemon which will percolate down to the developing baby evenly.


Fruits and milk blended together make for an excellent health drink combination. You can pick from a range of fruits including bananas, mangoes or strawberries as per your desire. Homemade smoothies have always been thought to be an excellent health drink.

In addition to the above listed energy drinks for expecting mothers, they should follow the practice of taking adequate water daily. Essentially up to eight glasses of water or two and half litres to three litres of water should be taken on a daily basis. This not only hydrates the body but also helps the expecting mother deal with problems like mood swings and other pregnancy related problems that develop during the course of the nine months which can be truly considered to be the most precious moments of a woman’s life.

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