12 Best Summer Flowers in India

12 Best Summer Flowers in India

Summer flowering plants in India are very popular for decorating events and ceremonial functions. These summer season flowers are also made use of in bouquets.

Bouquets can be presented to add extra color to a loved one’s life and fill their day with immense happiness. The perfect expression of love, beauty, as well respect is by sending a gorgeous looking bouquet of special flowers to make them feel close to one’s heart. 

It is indeed a nice gesture and they will remember the sender for years to come. Flowers are the best way to convey emotions as they are attractive and available in manifold colors. 

Even In India, they are popular as gifts and in summer flowers are in plenty. There is much to choose from summer flowering plants and certainly, summer season flowers are very pretty.

1. Carnations 

Carnations were cultivated as garden flowers in ancient Rome and Greece. These are beautiful flowers and can be used to decorate places at special events. Carnations are indeed the official flowers for Mother’s Day. They do represent a mother’s pure love for her loved children. Pink carnations are very common and believed to have the deepest meaning. They do represent the undying love of a mother or maternal figure and are often made use of to express gratitude in a variety of situations.  These summer flowering plants are worth purchasing to make a person feel loved.

2. Peach Rose

Peach Rose conveys a meaning of modesty, genuineness, sincerity, and gratitude and is popular as flower gifts. They are gorgeous to look at. They can indeed be part and parcel of a bouquet with carnations

3. Pink Carnations 

Pink Carnations are very attractive and beautiful to look at. They can be sent to loved ones to convey one’s love and affection.

4. Alstroemeria

These can be added to a bouquet to make it very impressive. Several hybrids and about 190 cultivars of Alstroemeria have been developed, having different markings as well as colors, ranging from white, golden yellow, and also orange; to apricot, pink, red, purple, and of course lavender.

5. Red Roses

It can adorn a bouquet of carnations. Red is the passionate cum romantic color and a person can choose any flower in red color when he or she has to present something nice for one’s sweetheart. An arrangement of red roses and red carnations conveys a lot of love. It would be a perfect gift for greeting one’s beloved during an anniversary or even Valentine’s Day.

6. Radiant Pink Carnations 

These can decorate a bouquet well and convey feelings of love and affection well when gifted to a beloved.

7. Sunshine Yellow Roses 

Yellow Roses do signify friendship and are perfect for expressing friendly feelings towards a loved person.

8. White Rose

White roses do represent purity, innocence as well as youthfulness. White roses are at times referred to as bridal roses on account of their association with young love cum eternal loyalty.

They go well with pink carnations as a bouquet. These summer season flowers are very attractive and appealing to look at.

9. Marigold

These are bright flowers and are certainly a perfect choice to add color to any garden. 

10. Lotus

Lotus is a common water plant and is acknowledged as the national flower of India.

11. Hibiscus

This is also a beautiful flower. It is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family.

12 Best Summer Flowers in India

12. Musk Rose

Rosa moschata, the musk rose, happens to be a species of rose that has been for quite some time in cultivation. Its wild origins are rather uncertain but are suspected to be lying in the western Himalayas.


These summer flowers in India are very popular during ceremonies and celebrations.

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