10 winter flowers for Indian gardens

10 winter flowers for Indian gardens

Going through the list of winter flowers in India a person will have the pleasure to appreciate a variety of beautiful flowers. Winter season flowers pictures are worth admiring for their beauty.

Northern Himalayan regions, as well as Eastern parts of India, have cold winters whereas southern states have more temperate climates. Winter flowering plants are popular during these months. These plants tend to have short lifecycles, and grow from seeds, and bloom, and then vanish in a few months.

1. Alyssum (Elisa Phool)

This happens to be a low-growing plant whose beautiful white flowers do spread in the form of a carpet in the garden. The soothing as well as honey-scented white flowers do add a calming effect and can also survive in demanding conditions such as droughts too. Alyssum happens to be a must-have for pollination if there happen to be several bees and butterflies hovering around. This is part and parcel of the list of winter flowers in India.

2. Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)

These are also popularly known as Dog plants in India as they resemble a dragon mouth. They are native to North America, the cold north- Indian states, and are crimson yellow and white-colored flowers much useful for decorative purposes. The flowers grow up to a length of 6 to 48 inches depending on the variety.

10 winter flowers for Indian gardens

3. Aster

These star-shaped flowers tend to resemble daisy flowers and perennial plants. They are in different sizes and colors. Though native to South America, these plants can do survive North Indian winters also. They can in fact tolerate exposure to full sun, but the pot and soil need to be well-drained. Winter season flowers pictures include this indeed add to nature’s beauty.

4. Calendula (Pot Marigold)

Also known as Calendula officinalis, this happens to be a cheery bedding flower that can sustain in cold climatic conditions and also face up to direct sunlight. The yellow-orange flowers add a great amount of warmth to the interiors as well as it grows easily.

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5. Clarkia

It is a hardy annual with slender branches as well as attractive long spikes of flowers and is grown as a pot plant as well. The common botanical name happens to be Godetia genus, but the formal name is in the honor of the explorer Captain William Clark.

6. Dianthus (Sweet William)

Double or even single fragrant as well as colorful flowers that are born at the top of the branches in rounded clusters this plant is suitable for beds, borders, rock gardens, or even window boxes.

7. Hollyhock 

Also referred to as Alcea rosea is a tall majestic annual native to Asia as well as Europe. The large flowers did bloom on the axis of leaves all along the stem. Hollyhocks can be made use of as a background plant, screen, open space shrubbery, or even annual border and are considered a gardener’s favorite.

8. Larkspur

This belongs to the Buttercup family, and the flowers are as complex as the orchids and colorfully bloom in a spectrum of colors ranging from white to blue to violet. When they do bloom, these big flower spikes are indeed lovely in the garden and indoors in vases. Colors include light and dark pink, blue, rose, lavender, and white. Larkspur belongs to the Delphinium family.

9. Pansy

Pansies can survive even in harsh winters. Their butterfly-shaped flowers are very beautiful and are available in several contrasting colors. These low-growing plants can indeed grow well in the shade of tall plants, adding much beauty to the garden.

10. Petunia

These grow in various colors, shapes as well as sizes and are considered to be highly decorative with the trumpet-shaped flowers. These plants do easily grow, as they do not require too much sunlight.

It is worth going through the list of winter flowers in India as they are beautiful.

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