10 Ways to Save Water in Daily Life 


Saving water is necessary and the question in one’s mind is how to save water in daily life? There are simple ways to save water. One must be careful while using water.
Why do we need to conserve water? As we are aware water forms the basis of existence on planet earth. It is essential to sustain life on earth. Our whole existence in fact depends upon water. The million-dollar question is how to save water in daily life?

How to save water easily?

Water conservation is simple. One can follow easy steps to conserve water.

What steps to save water in daily life?

Save Water In Bathroom
Fix Toilet Leaks
Use water-saving showers
Do rainwater harvesting
Install low flush toilets
Do rainwater harvesting
Save water in the garden
Recycle Water
Save water in washing car
Cover swimming pool
Re-use of cooking Oil

1. Keep a check on water usage in the bathroom

This is one of the best ways to save water on a daily basis. Various surveys do indicate that lot of water is wasted every day while bathing or brushing one’s teeth. It is better to turn off the tap while brushing can save more than 5 liters of water per minute.

2. Fix the toilet leaks

It is also better to take notice of unknown leaks in the bathroom and household as much water can be wasted.

3. Use water-saving showers

It is also good to go in for water-saving showers that can bring a major change in one’s daily usage of water.

4. Install low-flush or dual-flush toilet

In order to cut down on daily water usage consumption, it is advisable to install a low-flush or dual-flush toilet. Surveys show that normal toilets tend to make use of three or four times of water.

5. Using a rainwater tank during monsoon

A rainwater tank helps to conserve water. The water collected from rain can be used in many productive ways. One can water the plants.

6. Use a watering can for your garden

A watering can is useful as it provides all the required nourishment for the garden. It is better than using hosepipes and helps save water. Another tip on how to save water is watering the garden early morning and late afternoon, since the chances of evaporation decrease.

7. Recycle water

It is a small and effective method such as collecting cold water that we usually run on a daily basis prior to the water as it not enough to shower and rather using it to water plants or flush the toilet that can make a huge difference. Water is made use of to rinse the dishes and to soak other dishes as well.

8. Avoid running the hose while washing the car

It is possible to save water by using a pail of soapy water in order to clean the car. Keeping the house closed while washing does save a lot of water. Use the hose only for rinsing the car. Also, it is better to make use of a spray nozzle when rinsing the car, for more efficient output.

9. Cover your swimming pools

Evaporation leads to water loss from swimming pools. A pool can lose up to an inch of water in a week. Multiple factors include temperature, humidity, wind, and more, do affect the process. Covering the pool helps save gallons of water.

10. Re-use your cooking liquid

An easy method to save water in our daily life is to re-use the cooking liquids. For example, pasta cooking liquid can be used to water the plants after it is cooled down. Of course, the water has to be cool, or else it will damage the plants.


Thus there are several innovative methods to save water in one’s daily life. A conscious effort needs to be made in this direction to save our planet. These are simple ways to save water.

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