Ram Pothineni: 10 Reasons why we Love him

Ram Pothineni

Ram Pothineni is popular with his fans and his movies are well appreciated as he is a talented actor no doubt. His popularity has made him famous.

RAM POTHINENI is very adorable and the public likes him a lot. Why so? His achievements are many. Ram Pothineni, Ram Pothineni movies are worth seeing. In fact, his fans love seeing him on the screen. Why is he so popular? This is a question that is well answered no doubt.

1. He won the Best Actor award at the Europe Film Festival

He acted in a Tamil short film named Adayaalam(Identity) at a very young age of 11 years where he played Naren, an 18-year-old Drug addict. His acting is flawless in this short film and it won him critical acclaim. It also fetched him an award as the best actor at Europe Movies Festival, Switzerland in the year 2002.

10 reasons why we love Ram Pothineni

2. The first actor to have a silver jubilee debut film.

He did kick start his filmy career in Tollywood with the movie Devadas. The movie became a hit. He has a huge following on account of it. His role as a rough and tough mass guy did win him a huge following among the mass audience on one side, the other side his cute looks did earn him a huge female following. He in fact also won the Filmfare Best Debutant Award for the year 2006.

3. His never-ending love for Nunchaku.

He is one of the very few Tollywood actors who know Nunchaku. He learned Nunchaku at the age of 16 years especially for an action scene he has been involved in the movie Devadasu. He completed the shooting of this scene though he got injured while shooting for this scene. He is sincerity and dedicated.

He later used nunchaku for some scenes in Ganesh as well as Pandaga Chesko.

4. His love for gadgets.

Similar to other 20th-century kid, Ram has a never-ending love towards gadgets. He has in fact made use of almost a hundred mobiles to date. He does play with his mobile

5. He is one of the best dancers of TFI

Love him or hate him, one cannot deny the fact that he is one of the best dancers present in TFI right now. All of us indeed blessed to have seen such amazing dance moves with one’s eyes. In order to make sure that one gets to see some new dance moves, he did learn gymnastics for his introduction song in Endukante Premanta. Did you guys not really love his dance moves in Chill Out???

6. His everlasting smile

His infectious smile will definitely win people’s hearts. He is gifted with one of the best smiles in the world. Ram pothineni, ram pothineni movies are well appreciated by his fans and are much seen.

10 reasons why we love Ram Pothineni

7. His first crush.

When he was inquired about his first crush in LKG, he blushed away and replied, “Adhe chinnappudu untundhi Kada puppy love ani”. When he was asked if he ever met that girl again, he replied that he does not even remember her as he had many crushes after that.

8. His fashion sense is always on point.

He has a very good fashion sense. Whether it is movie promotions, audio launches or public appearances, his costumes are in fact always very good and appropriate.

9. His sense of humor.

He has a really good sense of humor. He enjoys light-hearted fun.

10. His love for his fans

He adores his fans and they, in turn, admire him for his talent. His idol image is very popular. Ram pothineni, ram pothineni movies are seen by many.
He also dedicated a video of him practicing Nunchaku to Ken Hill.

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