10 Essential Oils to Battle Cold

10 Essential Oils to Battle Cold

One needs to brave up to face cold and flu season that does strike us. One’s immune system does indeed have to fight long winters long, depending much upon where one lives and how many germs one gets exposed to.

Essential oils are indeed a useful natural remedy for colds and flu (as well as for other health issues). One has to use them well in order to benefit from them. One needs to realize the importance of making use of carrier oil when inhaling. Many oils can indeed be applied to the bottom of one’s feet or added to body wash, lotions or moisturizers.

1. Oregano

This is an antiviral and antibacterial essential oil that does help boost the immune system and is also perfect for combating infections. One can even make use of it to make a natural hand sanitizer.

2. Thyme

In case one’s immune system does require a boost (or one’s liver needs a detox), then one can make use of thyme oil, one of the original ingredients in Listerine. This indeed oil also has antiseptic properties, and can also be used to stimulate circulation in those with sports injuries, pains, and strains.

3. Eucalyptus

This antiseptic and antibacterial oil is indeed often found in cough drops as well as ointments. Eucalyptus essential oil for asthma relief does stimulate one’s immune system and also combats inflammation in the lungs. One can make use of it to make one’s own steam inhalation remedy, which is good for sinus infections.

10 Essential Oils to Battle Cold4. Lime

Similar to orange oil, lime oil has tons of uses. It is antiseptic, antibacterial as well as antiviral, which are meant to help one’s immune system fight off germs left as well as right. It can also be added to natural household cleaners and is indeed great at removing sticker residue and gum from surfaces.

5. Frankincense

It is useful for coughs and the oil happens to be a natural remedy for the lungs. One can make use of it as a DIY antiseptic spray as well in order to protect wounds.

6. Peppermint

Peppermint oil smells healthy. It is good for digestion; it is useful for the respiratory system. One can use it to prepare toothpaste.

7. Hyssop

Hyssop indeed helps with one’s respiratory infections (such as bronchitis) and also supports the lungs. It suffers from chronic bronchitis or just has a pesky cough that will not go away, one can make use of it. It is useful for water retention and bruises.

8. Lemon

When earaches or swelling it is there in one’s lymph nodes, one does feel rather a much discomfort. One can rub a little lemon oil (with a carrier oil) around one’s ears and/or lymph nodes in order to allow them to drain. Lemon oil also does help energize, thus making it perfect for a DIY air freshener.

9. Clove

Known for its toothache-remedying powers, clove oil is also anti-inflammatory, analgesic as well as anti-bacterial. It is often mixed with cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary in a blend called Thieves Oil. Or mix with vanilla and make use of it in this DIY body oil.

10. Ginger

If one feels nausea then one can go on for ginger essential oil, which can as well soothe flu-related aches as well as sprains.

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