10 Best Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

10 Best Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

Tuberose or ‘Night Queen’ is no doubt a sweet-smelling flowering tree, which does attract snakes. It is also a strong aphrodisiac that relaxes one’s mind.

What Is Tuberose Essential Oil?

Tuberose is, of course, a waxy white flower, which has many monikers. The most popular moniker is ‘Raat ki rani’ or ‘queen of the night’. The flower does get its unique name as its flowers do bloom only at night. It is available in many perfumes and cosmetics. Contrary to popular belief, the plant is indeed a native of Mexico and not India.

1. Deodorant:

It has a powerful fragrance and is used in perfumery. Its rich floral, as well as long-lasting fragrance, does make it very popular in tropical nations, where people usually suffer from body odor. So to smell good instead of using chemical products, one can make use of tuberose essential oil. It is not as harsh as chemicals are.

2. Aphrodisiac:

Apart from the snake myth, the names “Night Queen” and “Mistress of the Night” hint at other properties of tuberose. The essential oil is an effective aphrodisiac. Aromatherapists do make use of this oil in order to help patients overcome frigidity and a lack of libido. Tuberose essential oil has a very strong, intense and intoxicating fragrance that does induce romantic feelings.
The oil also does help in stimulating nerves that do control arousal, libido, and sexual feelings.

3. Antidepressant:

Tuberose essential oil is indeed acknowledged as an effective antidepressant. It does help reduce one’s anxiety and also calms one’s mind. Aromatherapists also do make use of the oil in order to treat depression, nervousness, hysteria and other neurological disorders as well. The oil helps boost blood circulation and also helps one meditate as well.

4. Antispasmodic:

Tuberose essential oil has indeed several health benefits. It does help calm spasms such as cramps and also even reduces internal spasms such as intestinal cramps. The antispasmodic activity does make it an effective remedy for spasmodic coughs, convulsions as well as cramps. So in case one suffers from leg cramps or a spasmodic cough, one can think of making use of some tuberose essential oil.

10 Best Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil5. Sedative:

Tuberose essential oil is a good sedative and can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and even help in curing insomnia. It triggers off impulses in the nervous system that do signal the brain to go to sleep. This property does make it an excellent option for reducing inflammation in one’s respiratory system. One may need to make use of more than the usual dose to induce the sedative effect.

6. Warming:

Tuberose essential oil does help to reduce cold turkey and induces a rather warming effect on one ’s body. It is especially useful in the winters when the wind can be very biting, and one’s body gets cold. As a good circulatory, tuberose essential oil does boost blood circulation, and this does warm one’s body.

7. Boosts Blood Circulation:

Tuberose essential oil is known to be an effective circulatory as it helps boost blood circulation. The property can be quite useful to people who do suffer from joint pains as well as arthritic conditions. The warming effect of the oil is on account of its circulatory properties.

8. Useful In Aromatherapy

Tuberose essential oil in aromatherapy gives a pleasurable and health-boosting experience for one’s mind and body. It relieves stress and also calms the mind from anxiety. The tuberose’s rich as well as a creamy fragrance that releases certain compounds that do help stimulate the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for calming one down.

Tuberose essential oil is very effective in getting rid of emotional as well as mental negativity. It dispels depression, treats obsessive-compulsive behavioral problems, and also promotes a sense of well-being.

Unlike daily prescription drugs, aromatherapy is a rather a holistic approach to addressing certain mental as well as physical issues without producing any sort of adverse effect.

9. Treats Nausea and Headaches

Nausea can be in the form of an extreme headache or vomiting. Tuberose essential oil can no doubt treat the onset of nausea in order to avoid the uncomfortable sensation of wanting to puke all the time. This is indeed believed on account of the anti-emetic properties of its oil, which does suppress the activity of the vagus nerve and sensitivity of odors.

10. Improves Blood Circulation

Inhaling the powerful, fragrant essential oil of the tuberose flowers does stimulate as well as improve blood circulation throughout the circulatory system. This property is very beneficial for individuals who are able to endure joint pains as well as arthritic conditions that occur on account of poor circulation. Proper blood circulation does help eliminate toxins from one’s organ systems and out of one’s body. Receiving a sufficient supply of oxygen is vital in maintaining normal bodily functions, especially the preservation of optimal cardiac function.

One must keep this essential oil in one’s medicine cabinet as it has several health benefits.

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