10 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin, Hair, and Health

10 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin, Hair, and Health

One would like to have gorgeous looking skin and hair and also a healthy look. One has to regulate one’s diet and eat right in order to ensure this.

Vitamin C is very good for both skin and hair and also makes one look healthy. It promotes healthy bones as well as teeth, and also boosts overall immunity, and lowers blood pressure.

Collagen Boost

Collagen is the main structural protein that is indeed found in one’s skin as well as connective tissue. In fact, 70% of all the protein that is found in one’s skin is collagen. It is also responsible for the elasticity of one’s skin, and also keeps everything looking young as well as fresh.

How does one get collagen?

No doubt by taking Vitamin C. One’s body does need vitamin C to produce collagen, and one needs collagen for healthy skin.

Increased Sun Protection

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, which helps the body to fight off harmful free radicals. Many of these are actually produced when ultraviolet radiation from the sun does come into contact with one’s body, and in case one lacks in vitamin C, one has reduced the ability to fight them off naturally.

One must not skip one’s sunscreen, and going by studies, it is but obvious that those who get enough vitamin C indeed face less damage to their skin.

Improved Texture

It is part of skin structure and this means collagen is essential for the structure of one’s blood vessels. It is important to have proper blood flow to one’s face for the face skin to look healthy. Vitamin C prevents a rough skin texture as well as appearance. In fact, creams do contain vitamin C which smoothens out the skin.

10 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin, Hair, and HealthLess Discoloration

Vitamin C can also help in preventing the DNA in one’s skin from reacting to sunlight and thus causing discoloration or even pre-cancerous cells.

Faster Wound Healing

One’s body uses vitamin C to help heal injuries to one’s skin. Collagen does help not only to close up wounds but also to create scar tissue that does help protect the site. Slow wound healing can indeed be a sign of vitamin C deficiency.

Faster Hair Growth

Free radicals can actually damage one’s hair making it rather brittle and also more prone to split ends. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C do help to reduce free radicals, and will also protect one’s hair as well as one’s skin. One’s hair will be stronger and also grow quicker.

Fewer Grays

Vitamin C has indeed been shown to help hair retain its natural color for longer, meaning fewer grays.

Prevents Hair Loss

An under performing adrenal gland can also lead to hair loss, and one of the main ways to help fight adrenal gland fatigue is by supplementing it with vitamin C. This can also help reverse the hormonal processes that tend to cause hair loss.

Protects Against Dandruff

One may have germs that live on one’s scalp that encourage the skin problems, thus leading to dandruff. Vitamin C keeps them off!

Thicker, Healthier Hair

Increased blood flow, the decrease in bacteria levels, and the antioxidants will all work in combination to help one grow thicker, as well as healthier hair.

It is good to eat citrus fruits and dark green as one will have plenty of vitamin C.

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