10 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

10 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

Argan oil happens to be a specific type of plant oil that is actually extracted from the kernel (nut) of the argan tree. It is commonly employed for both culinary and cosmetic uses and is popular in America and other western countries for its effects on one’s skin and hair. Argan oil is densely packed with important nutrients, including vitamin E oil for face, carotenes, fatty acids, tyrosol, catechins, caffeic acid, and other powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances. This is also referred to as carrier oil and can also be combined with other essential oils for a more powerful natural remedy.

10 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

Hair Growth

Argan oil is indeed rich in natural phenols and vitamin E that do help improve the health of hair follicles and also promote hair growth. Pure argan oil is no doubt massaged into one’s scalp and made use of as an overnight mask to help grow strong, thick hair which has indeed a natural shine.

Frizzy Hair

The physiological impact of argan oil on the hair is quite obvious, and it is well known to be able to tame even the frizziest hair and even eliminate split ends. This can improve the overall appearance and texture of the hair, as the oil is absorbed into the strands of hair and is allowed to deliver its rich supply of nutrients.

Dry Scalp

Hair health often begins with the health of the scalp, and argan oil’s high concentration of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients does allow it to eliminate conditions on one’s scalp that may cause dry skin.


The golden liquid can indeed regulate sebum production in one’s scalp, which makes it an effective chemical-free remedy to fight dandruff. The natural bioactive compounds do help soothe the inflamed scalp, reduce itchiness and redness, and keep it clean. For best results, one needs to apply a few drops of pure oil warmed between one’s palms into freshly shampooed, damp hair.

Hair Loss

Losing one’s hair can be a worrying situation for anyone, of any gender, but argan oil can be indeed be used effectively to strengthen the hair follicles and also make hair loss far less likely.

10 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for HairHeat Styling Protection

If one happens to make use of a blow dryer regularly, this can cause damage to one’ hair. It is difficult to style and control the hair. However, argan oil can indeed provide some protection against this common issue that most people all over the world face.

Hair Conditioner/Moisturizer

Conditioning one’s hair and moisturizing the scalp, this oil can rather prevent many of the problems with hair, such as unpleasant texture and also a lack of moisture that can cause brittle or delicate hair. The high oleic acid content lubricates the dry hair and also locks moisture into it.

Curl and Shape

Many people do indeed struggle a lot to control or shape their hair, but argan oil works out to be a natural styling assistant. It helps in holding the hair in place and keeping it looking great, even when one applies other products or try out new hairstyles.

Damaged Hair

Pure argan oil happens to be non-irritating oil and its deeply moisturizing abilities do help reverse the damage that is caused by chemicals and excessive treatments on hair. It does help normalize the hair texture and also makes it soft, silky and healthy.

Cleaning Scalp

Moroccan argan oil has no doubt become a popular ingredient in several shampoo formulations. The polyphenols, present in argan oil, have antiviral and antimicrobial properties which do help keep the scalp clean and also restore the natural shine and luster of hair.

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