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Uses of Milk For Skin Care

Uses of Milk For Skin Care

Instead of trying moisturizers and cleansers that never perform up to expectations, use milk for skin care. It is a natural way of cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

In fact, using milk for skin care has been the norm here since centuries. Before most of these skin care products were invented, women relied more on milk for its brightening effects. So, using milk for beauty can surely help in many ways. If you have not yet heard of the process, here are some simple Uses of Milk For Skin Care.

Milk as Cleansing

If your skin is sensitive, any cleansing product may irritate it. But if you use whole milk to cleanse your skin, you can achieve better results. Also, as milk is gentle on your skin, you will feel more comfortable using it. Simply use half a cup of milk to cleanse your face.

Uses of Milk For Skin CareMilk as Exfoliating

You can combat wrinkles thanks to the lactic acid present in milk. You can use milk as an exfoliating agent by simply dipping a cotton ball in a cup of milk and running it on the surface of your face.

Milk as Softener

Massage your face and body using milk and take a bath. Your skin looks and feel softer.

Milk as Mask

If you wish to use milk as a mask without using any other ingredients then, simply take a spoon of curd and apply it to your face. After 10 minutes, you can wash it with warm water.

Milk to treat Acne

Yes, milk can also prevent or treat breakouts as it can exfoliate, hydrate and brighten your skin. You can also smear some milk to your face in the night and wash it in the morning.

Milk Bath

Mix a cup of milk in a bucket of water and take bath. You will feel fresh and your skin looks bright after the bath.


If you want to relax your feet and cleanse them, mix a cup of milk in a basin of hot water. Soak your feet for 20 minutes and feel the difference.

But before you try them out, consult your dermatologist. It is good to ensure that your beauty routine suits the type of your skin. Then you follow these uses of  milk for skin care.

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