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Unusual Causes Of Dehydration

Unusual Causes Of Dehydration

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Dry weather or excessive exercise without sufficient water levels in the body can be some Unusual causes of dehydration, but there are a many more on the list.

Insufficient water in the system is dangerous. It may lead to life-threatening situations. Most of us are conscious of only the common Unusual causes of dehydration.

Your mood and even the energy levels may get changed once your body starts drying up. In this post, let us go toward the unusual causes of dehydration.


Even periods may cause dehydration in some women as hormonal levels in the body can affect hydration. Consume more water during your dates.

Unusual causes of dehydrationMedicines

Some medicines can also cause dehydration. Particularly, if you are under medication for BP, ensure that you supply the body with enough water.


Diarrhea can cause the dehydration as all fluids in the body get flushed out.


Those who suffer from diabetes should be careful as they have inclined to dehydration. When blood sugar levels are too high, the person may urinate more, & this causes dehydration.


Even stress can drain all the water in the system and cause dehydration as it triggers certain hormones.

Breast Feeding

Sometimes, even breastfeeding mother may also experience dehydration. This maybe because of the transfer of fluids from the mother to the baby.


We all know that drinking makes us the urinate more. It is one indirect cause of dehydration. Reduce your intake.


Even age factor should play a role. As you age, the body fails to alert you to low levels of water in your system that might eventually cause dehydration.

These are just a few Unusual causes of dehydration. If you know more, please share them with us.

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