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Unemployment may causes health problems

Unemployment may causes health problems

In olden days, the advantage of out of work is becoming slim and healthy as they will be busy on working with house works like cooking food, washing, cleaning etc. As unemployed people are busy with doing house works and will have less money to buy cigarettes or junk food and also they have very less time to spend with other sedentary activities. This research and studies were done in the United States and Europe over the years at that time unemployment was more.

But in recent years, one new study, published by US National Bureau of Economic Research, found that unemployment results in body weight as they would not work on a house instead they engage in other activities. This unemployment also leading to many deaths at a low age, thereby increasing death rates. Another study found that the deaths are also causing due to overdose of Painkillers are used to reduce mental stress which is affected due to unemployment. Losing a job causes a health problem which again leads to spending more money or expenses are high and affecting mortality rates.

Unemployment may causes health problems
Unemployment may causes health problems

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The people who are unemployed for a long time will have a negative effect on them like losing confidence, becoming lazy and gaining loss that leads to obesity which again cause health problems like heart attack. This obesity will stick with us for a long term.

Gregory Colman, an economist at Pace University and an author of weight gain study have stated that “There would be an indirect cost if people are unemployed for a long time”. And also these unemployed people never spend their time in doing exercises. To regain health is a very difficult task. In the survey, it was found that 57 percent of unemployed people were wasting their on spending other inactive activities like watching TV, reading books, and surfing the web. 15 percent said that they spend less time doing those things.

The people who are unemployed should send some time on doing the exercises, decrease in smoking, should avoid purchasing of junk food were declining in total physical activity.

Unemployment may causes health problems

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