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Top 10 Most Beautiful Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flower has been known the world over for its delicious, exotic fragrance for thousands of years. With more than 200 different types of jasmine worldwide, it is not shocking that there are some special differences on the common jasmine variety often seen in gardens.

Jasmine Flower Scientific Name:

The scientific name for jasmine is Jasminum. Surprisingly, jasmine is a part of the olive family. The word jasmine flower comes from the Persian word ‘Yasmin’ which means ‘gift from God’.

The origin of this flower’s name clearly states that people have always felt graced to have the scent of jasmine nearby.

Jasmine Flower Geographic Origin:

This flower is native to the warm, tropic regions of Asia, though it is commonly grown almost anywhere now. This flowers like warm, tropical environments best, though it can adapt to various climate situations.

These flowers are typically white, though there are some exceptions such as yellow jasmine, also known as Carolina Jasmine or Jessamine. The leaves of the jasmine plant may be either deciduous or evergreen.

Most Beautiful Jasmine Flowers:

Jasmine Stephanotis Floribunda:

Jasmine Stephanotis Floribunda,Jasmine Flower

Via: source

Jasminum flower:

Jasminum Jasmine, Jasmine Flower

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Jasminum X Stephanense:

Jasminum X Stephanense, Jasmine Flower

via: source

Gardenia Jasminoides ‘Kliem’s Hardy:

Gardenia Jasminoides ‘Kliem’s Hardy, Jasmine Flower

via: source

Gardenia Jasminoides Mystery:

Gardenia Jasminoides Mystery, Jasmine Flower

via: source

Gardenia Jasminoides ‘Miami Supreme:

Gardenia Jasminoides ‘Miami Supreme, Jasmine Flower

via: source

Gardenia Jasminoides Candle Light:

Gardenia Jasminoides Candle Light, Jasmine Flower

via: source

 Gardenia Jasminoides Frostproof:

 Gardenia Jasminoides Frostproof, Jasmine Flower

via: source

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Night Jasmine flower:

Night Jasmine flower, Jasmine Flower

via: source

Plumeria Rubra:

Plumeria Rubra, Jasmine Flower

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