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Steps To Wash Hair With Beer

Steps To Wash Hair With Beer

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Did you know that beer can be magnificent to make the hair smooth? It is the well-known truth that alcohol is not good for the health. But alcohol in beer can make the hair smooth & silky immediately. You just require knowing the ways to rinse hair with beer. Due to dust, pollution & moisture, the hair becomes dull & frizzy. Spending money on costly hair products might not be of any use.

So, rinse hair with beer & you do not even require to spend much. You just require following some steps to rinse hair with beer. What are the benefits of using beer on the hair? In fact, beer is made of fermented malt & wheat.

So, it is the rich source of vitamin B that provides deep sustenance to the scalp and hair. The beer also has maltose & glucose that works on the hair cuticles to make the hair tight & strong and also return the natural shine.

So, you see how helpful beer is for the hair? A methodical procedure to rinse hair with the beer can solve the hair issues & bring the shine immediately. Are you planning a romantic date tonight? Go by the steps to rinse hair with beer. Here are the procedure or steps to wash hair with beer-

Steps to wash hair with beerBuy Branded Beer

After all it is the matter of the hair & skin. You must not take any risk. Always check manufacturing & expiry date before buying. It is the first step of the procedure to wash hair with beer.

Keep It in Room Temperature

You must remember this step when washing hair with beer. When you use beer, bring it out from the refrigerator & let it come to the room temperature. One of the most important steps to wash hair with beer.

Shampoo the Hair

What are next steps to wash hair with beer? Shampoo the hair with your normal shampoo. Baby shampoo can work better. Wash your hair thoroughly. Do not use the conditioner.

Pour Beer

Now depending on the length of the hair; pour beer on the hair and scalp. You can rub a little. But too much rubbing can cause the hair fall. Wait 2 to 3 minutes before washing.


Rinse the hair thoroughly. Do not make speed while rinsing the hair. Be sure that you have washed beer carefully from the hair and scalp. Again, you must not go harsh on the scalp.


In fact, beer is the natural conditioner. But if you do not get silky smooth effect wish, use a little conditioner from the middle to the end of the hair. Never massage it into the scalp. Clean thoroughly.

Wrap up

It may be the last step but is just as important as the others. Tightly tie the hair with a soft towel. Wait half an hour for water to be soaked. Remove the towel. Slowly clean the remaining water & let the hair dry. With these steps to clean the hair with beer, you can get lively and shiny hair in no time. Never comb wet hair. Let it dry correctly. If you are in the hurry, use the blow drier. Now you are completely ready to try the new hair style anytime.

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