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Simple Ways To Use Apples For Better Hair

Simple Ways To Use Apples For Better Hair

Do you suffer from a lot of hair problems? Do not waste money on those chemically based products when you can turn to home remedies to fix hair fall & a flaky head.

Apple juice is one of the several ingredients one can use in the hair to get rid of severe hair problems. To use apple juice in the hair, grind 1 or 2 apples to paste. Add rose water to the dough & then apply it to the hair.

One can also add several other ingredients to the apple paste for different other hair problems. The reason apples are used to treat hair is because of it’s nutrient value. The juice of this fruit is so efficient that it also supports treat grey hair.

So, the best idea you can do today makes use of the apple juice and pamper your hair sky high. Have a look at simple ways to use apples for better hair:

Simple ways to use apples for better hairIt Gets Rid Of Greys –

Grind to the paste one apple. Add to this juice henna powder & a teaspoon of black tea. Now combine these ingredients together & apply it to the hair like oil. After an hour wash your hair with warm water to help treat grey strands.

It Reduces Dandruff –

When applied to the scalp, the malic acid present in the apple juice acts as an exfoliating agent & clears away the dead skin. Following this simple technique twice in the week can help get rid of dandruff.

It Prevents Hair Fall –

Apples contain a nutrient called biotin, which mainly helps in preventing hair loss and promotes hair growth. So, only mix apple cider vinegar and water, and wash the hair with this mixture after shampooing. Track this hair care tip all second week to see results.

It Strengthens Roots –

Apply the juice of an apple to your roots. Massage the juice in the hair for at least 20 minutes. Use olive oil to the hair and then rinse it off with warm water. This treatment would help to strengthen the hair and it’s rooted.

It Promotes Hair Growth –

Promote the hair growth the natural way. Pamper the hair with the apple juice mixed with honey. This simple home remedy will improve black hair too.

Apple juice is one of the many ingredients you can use in your hair to get rid of hair fall. Follow these Simple Ways To Use Apples For Better Hair.

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