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Ring worm- not a worm its fungus

Ring worm is a skin infection caused due to fungus called as Dermatophytes. Many species of Dermatophytes are identified that cause skin infections. The name “Ring worm” is coined due to the formation of a circular ring like structure at the infection. Ring worm- not a worm its fungusThey are parasitic fungus feeding on keratin present in human, cattle, sheep and cats.  Keratin is present in nails, hair and skin. It resides on moist skin and hair. This infection can be transmitted between animals and humans called as zoonotic disease.

Signs and symptoms

  • Infection prevails usually in moist areas and closed areas.
  • Dry, brittle hair or hair loss in patches.
  • It forms red halo like structure.
  • It’s itchy and irritating in nature.
  • Infection of feet is caused in sports person commonly called as athlete’s foot.
  • During winter elevation of this infection is seen, quite common in cold and moist areas.

    Ring worm treatment

  • Antifungal creams or powder is used, which is applied on the infection. Antifungal agents include miconazole, terbinafine, clotrimazole, ketoconazole, or tolnaftate. These creams are advised to apply after washing the infection and applying on it daily twice for a period of 1-2 weeks or until it disappears.
  • In severe conditions oral medication is administrated.Ring worm- not a worm its fungus
  • In order to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts it is advised not to touch the infection, if touched hands should be washed with antiseptic soap.


  • Avoid contact with infected persons
  • Keep the body clean and dryRing worm- not a worm its fungus
  • If sweating is present apply antiperspirant powder
  • Avoid sharing clothes, shoes etc.

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