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Natural Hair Straightening Products That Work Wonders

Natural Hair Straightening Products That Work Wonders

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The tendency of straight hair has rewritten style book. Hair straightening products are very much in demand. But chemicals which are mostly used to make the hair flat and sleek, leave their impact on the health of the hair. Therefore, natural hair straightening products have become the new look-out. There are many such products present in the kitchen, regular use of these products make hair smoother, softer & straighter. Let us look at the few natural hair straightening products that work wonders ingredients that might help you in straightening hair at home:

 Coconut milk mixed with lemon juice:

Grate the coconut to extract the milk from it. Coconut milk has hair straightening permanently properties. But if you add the lemon juice to it, it might give you better results. Refrigerate the mixture for few hours. A creamy layer might be produced on the top of the mixture. Apply that cream to the hair & wrap it with a hot towel. Wait for at least 1 hour. Then, rinse your hair with a mild shampoo & dry it completely. You might rediscover your hair with added softness. At the same time, your uncontrollable curls might also become manageable.

Natural hair straightening products that work wonders Regular hot oil treatment:

Not many people know that apart from adding nutrition to the hair, regular oil treatments can make them straight & sleek. Mix coconut oil with olive oil. You can also replace olive oil with almond oil after a few days. Massage this mixture on scalp and hair. Cover the hair with a hot towel. Leave it for at least 45 minutes. Then rinse with a shampoo.

Natural conditioning:

Regular use of hair conditioner after a rinse makes the hair soft & supple. Use tea liquor as a natural curly hair conditioner.

Milk spray:

Milk is very useful when it comes to flatten the hair. Pour milk in a spray bottle & spray it all over the hair. Wait for half an hour & let the hair absorb the milk. Then rinse with a shampoo to discover the new look of the hair

Milk & honey:

Take some milk & add honey to milk to make a paste. To get more efficient result, smash strawberries or banana into mixture. Apply it to the hair. It might take time to get dried. So wait for one & half hour and then rinse it.

Olive oil with egg:

Both are known to be the integral parts of the hair care. But it is not known to many that olive oil & egg together can do wonders on the hair. Beat 2 eggs and add sufficient amount of olive oil. Mix & apply to the hair. Wait for at least an hour & then rinse with a mild shampoo.

All these natural products are easily available around you. But you have to be patient. These might not work like the hair straightening treatment at a salon. You have to make a hair care system and repeat any one of these straightening processes at least twice a week. Only then you can find a marked difference in the hair after a few months. If your hair is too curly & you want it to be straight, you have to visit a salon and expose your hair to the harmful chemicals, which done regularly will damage your hair.

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