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Five important tips to avoid cough and cold during pregnancy

Pregnancy is time when most of the women are prone to an infection because of dormant immune system and an episode of cold or flu is sometimes unavoidable. Read about Five important tips to avoid cough and cold during pregnancy

Five important tips to avoid cough and cold during pregnancy











Five important tips to avoid cough and cold during pregnancy

Though, one cannot self treat at this time with over the counter medications as it could be harmful for fetus. Hence it is very important to save oneself from an onset of cold and cough during pregnancy.

what you can do:

Avoid stress

The immune system function is more likely to be below equivalence when exhaust yourself physically or staying mentally stressed. So make certain to get an enough rest during the day and that sleep well at night. Keep the mind tranquil by regularly practicing the deep breathing or meditation. Avoid worrying over the little things and maintain positive attitude and can keep the flu at bay more easily.

Eat healthy diet

Fresh vegetables, fruits & grains are rich in healthy vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. These give out to have defensive effect on the body and can help the immune system function better. Rather than biting into the calorie rich, sugary snack, make certain to eat more of such protective foods whenever find hunger spasms striking.

Drink lot of fluids

Water helps to hydrate a body as well as redden out the toxins, so drink enough water during the day. If find just plain water tasteless, switch to other fluids in between – fresh fruit juice and herbal teas are better alternative than fizzy or caffeinated drinks.

Medication for cough and cold during pregnancy

If symptoms of influenza such as sore throat, a stifling nose or irregular cough are causing severe discomfort, might want to take medicines to deal with it. According to ‘University of Michigan,’ some drugs such as paracetamol are perfectly safe for use during the pregnancy, other drugs that are commonly found in the cough and cold medication might have an objectionable effect on foetus. Therefore, it is best to consult the gynaecologist and have her prescribe the right medicine that would give relief without affecting the baby.

Home remedies for pregnancy-related cough and cold

Though, there are many home remedies that can safely use to deal with the cough and cold. Unlike drugs, these remedies from some household ingredients or sure herbs do not pretence any danger to baby growing within.

Inhalation with plain steam or drop of eucalyptus oil in hot water can help to clear stuffy nose and also relieves the heavy headed feeling that is common when have a cold. If want, you can even wipe a little eucalyptus oil onto tissue and take it to bed with to give relief from blocked nose. If you must use nasal drops or nasal spray, make certain you get the plain saline one that does not contain any medicament.

Also, gargling is good for a relief from a sore throat. Gargle with the warm water in which little rock salt has been added for relief from the cough and obstruction in the throat. Non medicated throat pastilles that contain ginger, honey or menthol can also help to reduce soreness in throat. Throughout the day, make it point to sip warm water – plain or with some lemon and honey mixed in and will find the discomfort easing faster.

Sleep with high pillow:

when the head stays eminent, it helps to decrease nasal obstruction and the feeling of heaviness in head and sinuses. For many women, pregnancy is branded by nausea and vomiting and back pain. Having to deal with the cough, cold and body pain in an addition to these complaints can be an exhausting process. However hard sneeze or cough, it does not hurt the baby which is well-protected from such mechanical shocks. Though, if develop other complications such as high fever, infection or pneumonia, the baby is at risk for being born prematurely or having birth imperfection. Therefore, it is vital to take an immediate measures to deal with the cough and cold during pregnancy.

Five important tips to avoid cough and cold during pregnancy

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