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How to treat Sunken Eyes

How to treat Sunken Eyes

Sunken eyes are the common condition that occurs around eyes as getting age. This is also caused due to other reasons such as stress, poor diet, dehydration or lack of sleep. People with the deep sunken eyes can look very unhealthy & tired. Natural home remedies offer some treatments that can help to get rid of the deep sunken eyes efficiently. So here are few tips on How to treat Sunken Eyes.

Raw Potato slice:

Slice the raw potato into thin layers & keep on eyes for at least 30 minutes. This may give necessary nutrients & vitamins to the skin & help to soften the faint skin under the eyes.

Almond oil:

Almond oil is rich in the vitamin E. Apply 1 tsp of almond oil on the skin aroud eyes before going to the bed. This may help in toning the skin under eyes & makes it look healthy.

Tea bags:

Tea bags are very effectual for treating deep sunken eyes. Keep warm or cold tea bags on the eyes, leave them for few minutes & rinse the face with cool water. This gives relaxation to the eyes & helps to enhance the circulation of blood around the eyes, and therefore reduces pigmentation & dark circles.


Cucumber is the best known for its cooling effect, which is why it is very effectual for healing dark circles caused by tiredness & exhaustion. Slice fresh cucumber & keep them on the eyes for few minutes, and rinse off with cool water. Repeat this remedy as frequently as required.

Sunscreen lotion:

The skin under the eyes is very faint when compared to skin in other areas of the body. Make sure & apply a good quality sunscreen lotion & humidify under the eyes to avoid further damage to the skin.

Beauty Tips : Home Remedies for Deep Sunken EyesFish oil:

Fish oil is a good source of omega fatty acids that helps in making the skin smooth & healthy when it is applied topically around the eyes.

Lemon juice:

Extract the juice of fresh lemon & dilute with the water. Dab this on the skin around eyes. Lemon juice is a good remedy for treating the dark patchy skin and it helps in removing the dead skin cells around the eyes.

Sufficient sleep:

Lack of sleep is the major factor that causes deep sunken eyes. Thus getting sufficient sleep is required to get rid of deep sunken eyes and may benefit the overall health.

Drink water:

Water is very necessary in keeping the body healthy. Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water everyday to keep the body healthy & to avoid issues related to hair & skin.

Eat Leafy Vegetables:

Eat the healthy diet of dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli & collard greens to reduce the deep sunken eyes.

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