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How to get Pinky soft lips?

How to get Pinky soft lips?

Read the following wonderful home remedies for get soft pink lips to improve the lush and feel of your lips.

To get soft lips make sure that exfoliate the lips at least twice a week. Dab you finger in water, then dip in the sugar & exfoliate the lips by rubbing sugar on them. Clean the sugar off the lips & you apply a lip balm.

Apply lip balm in night before sleeping & leave overnight. Wake up to soft pink lips. Avoid lips balms with dyes and artificial ingredients. Always opt for those with natural ingredients.

Use a soft bristle brush with the bit of toothpaste & make round circular motions to get rid of dry skin & give a plumping effect. This takes off the dead skin and makes the lips look soft

Use the balm with a pink tinge & leave overnight to shade the lips a bit giving pink lips

Drink lots of water & take juices with vitamin C as dehydration can also cause lack of luster on lips. Water or juices hydrates the body, nourishes skin and helps new cell growth. Dry lips are also one of the signs that body is not getting properly hydrated.

Use honey as the natural alternative to lip balms. It moisturizes leaving slight lips & helps in giving a nice shine on the lips. You can also mix 1 tbsp of honey, 2 tbsp of sugar & 1 tbsp of olive oil & rub on lips. Leave for sometime & then wipe off.

Another perfect soft lips remedy is applying vitamin E on the lips before sleeping. These are available in form of tiny capsules. They help to hydrate the lips making them soft.

Eat fruits & vegetables that are red in color. For example, Tomatoes, Strawberries as they help to deposit the color in the skin making lips pink.

How to get Pinky soft lips?Some studies show that decreasing the tea & coffee intake might result in pink soft lips

Hyper pigmentation caused during the pregnancy or illness may go away with time. Sometimes it is hormonal also.

Pigmentation not only on the lips but also on the face & body is determined by genes. Thus there is many things you can do to make the lips pink.

Lips lean to darken due to exposure to the sun. Use a balm with SPF 15. Make sure to wear lip protection when going outdoors. Many Lipsticks and Lip glosses also contain SPF 15.

If you are prone to bite your lips when you are tensed, try to take a chewing gum to overcome the oral fixation. Biting your lips can make them dry and cracked.

Avoid licking the lips. Wetting them with saliva can lead to dryness & darkening of the lips.

Aloevera is another best remedy that is extremely soothes the lips and protects from sun’s harsh heat.


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