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Dry Hacking Cough: Symptoms and Natural remedies

Dry Hacking Cough! It is never a funny situation when you are suffering from a persistent cough. You may feel really uncomfortable when your dearest, besties are having fun but you are not enjoying the situation because of a dry cough. Basically, there are two types of coughs: a productive and a dry cough. A Productive cough is the one which is coughing up mucous or phlegm. A Dry cough is another story which is caused due to dry air, random tickle or allergies in your throat. One among the Best Medicine for Dry Cough is cough syrup (diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan)

How to Soothe a Dry Cough?

Dry Hacking Cough

Very commonly known remedy at home to get rid of a dry cough is Gargle with salt water. In addition to it, there are also alternative ways to say Good-bye to a Dry cough. Natural Cough Remedies that could be found at home is Honey. It is scientifically proven that honey is of high viscosity, stickiness and rich demulcent which do an excellent job of soothing and coating those irritated membranes of mucous. Honey is nothing but the enzymes secreted by bees which act as Natural Cough Remedies.

Dry Hacking Cough Remedy

Intake of 3 spoons of honey in a day is the best home-made remedy for dry hacking cough. To control coughing, you can consume the honey after having breakfast, lunch and before going to bed. If a tablespoon of honey is consumed before going to sleep, then it will be helpful for you in getting an undisturbed sleep. Another way of curing dry cough is trying a combination of honey and pepper. Take a mug and put two spoons or honey and one spoon of pepper flakes into boiling water. Stir it well to disperse the pepper flakes and till the honey melts. Steep it for 8-10 minutes and stir it again. Drink the extract and repeat twice a day. By doing this, Dry Hacking Cough at Night can be avoided to some extent. read more Dry Hacking Cough

Constant Dry Cough Throat

To get rid of Constant Dry Cough Throat, ginger peppermint syrup. As the combination sounds delicious, it can be swallowed easily. Spicy ginger will work as an expectorant and helps to loosen and expel the mucous from your lungs. The painful tickle sensed due to a dry cough can be cured by intake of this syrup thrice in a day. How to prepare the syrup? Chop the ginger into fine pieces into 4 cups of water. Add peppermint to it. Start boiling the combination for 10 minutes, once the mixture starts boiling, and then lower the heat. Boil it until the liquid is reduced to half of the initial proportion. Strain the solution and cool it slightly. Mix a cup of honey to a strained solution and stir well. Consume this mixture once in an hour throughout the day to get a better result. If refrigerated, this mixture lasts for 3 weeks.

Make use of the above-mentioned tips and stay away from the Dry Hacking Cough.

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