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Amazing Skin Facts

Amazing Skin Facts

More so when young, our obsession with looking good and getting rid of all those ugly pimples and blemishes is something we have all experienced. How much did we suffer having to go to college with skin that has spotted with all kinds of spots or blackheads? There were probably moments, like when we passed in front of a crush or love interest, that we would have preferred having a bag over our face to hide our bad skin. So being a little careful or perhaps obsessed, about having good skin is something that we can identify.

However, we don’t always know all there is to know about our skin. So for those who would like to increase their knowledge of it, here are some interesting facts that you probably weren’t aware.
Shedding your skin cells

Apart from being the largest organ in the human body, which we all already know, what most of us may not know is that there are about 19 million skin cells on every inch of our body, and we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute of the day. Thus, in a lifetime the average person sheds enough skin to cover up a two story house. However, every 28 days the skin renews itself, so we don’t notice a thing. These are the few Amazing Skin Facts.

Knowing your thickest skin

The skin that covers the palms of your hand and skin of your feet is the thickest being about 1.5 mm thick. This outer layer of skin is called the epidermis.

Amazing Skin FactsThe ability to regenerate

When skin gets severely damaged, it is capable of healing itself. It has done by forming scar tissue, which is not the same as normal skin tissue. The difference being scar tissue has usually discolored and does not have sweat glands and hair.

The color question – what determines it?

Though many of us have always vied for a lighter skin color or perhaps people with fairer skin wish for darker tones, the bottom line is, color does not matter as it is determined by the amount of pigment melanin that is produced by the body. Small amounts of melanin will cause light skin while darker amounts lead to the darker skin so if you end up getting a skin color different from the rest of the family, it doesn’t cause for concern.

The skin – our protector?

Though you may not notice it, your skin plays an important role in keeping your body healthy as it protects the body from diseases and physically protects your bones, muscles, and internal organs.

Understanding calluses

Some parts of our skin has constantly exposed to repeated friction or pressure. Due to this, these areas form a thick, tough skin, and this has known as a callus. Guitarists usually develop calluses on their fingertips.

When it comes to animal skin

Though we do not see it that easily, every mammal has some hair on their skin. The skin of the rhinoceros is quite thick and is around 1.5 cm and 5 cm deep. Amphibians like frogs have a different type of skin wherein they soak water into their body through their skin. They also use it to absorb around half the air they need. Whereas when we think of polar bears, though they have white and transparent fur, their skin is black.

All in all, the skin certainly seems to be an amazing organ, so it is a good thing that we take so much trouble to look after it as it certainly does not deserve taken for granted.

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