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7 Foods To Eat For Healthy Bones

7 Foods To Eat For Healthy Bones

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Calcium & vitamin D are the two key nutrients that play a vital in the overall health of bones. Bones provide support for the muscles and protect the internal organs. Strong bones guard against osteoporosis.

Calcium is essential for the growth of bone in babyhood, childhood and adolescence. It is a mineral that increases bones & teeth. Vitamin D, on the other hand, supports to assimilate the calcium and enhances the bone health. To maintain the healthy bones & to prevent osteoporosis, it is necessary to eat right!

One should choose for foods that are rich in the calcium, vitamin D and protein such as milk & milk products, eggs, almonds, spinach, tuna, salmon et cetera.

Vitamin D has generously found in the sunlight. Very few foods are the source of vitamin D. In today’s post we have posted out 7 Foods To Eat For Healthy Bones. Read on to know more about it.

healthy bones, foods to eat for healthy bones, calciumYoghurt

Yoghurt is the rich source of vitamin D. One cup of yogurt a day provides towards the regular requirement of calcium and strengthens your bones. It also prevents osteoporosis.

Milk & Egg

Milk is the best source of the calcium. Drink milk, every day that reduces the risk of low bone density. Egg yolk contains vitamin D, which is very much essential for stronger bones. Consuming milk and whole eggs serve the purpose of getting the good amount of calcium and vitamin.


Consuming half the cup of almonds a day that adds up about 18 percent of calcium intake per day. Almonds not only stimulates the bones but aids in weight loss & promotes heart health.


Salmon can serve the daily need of vitamin D. It has packed with vitamin B12 and calcium. Salmon also prevents certain cancers & improves the health of skin and hair.


Spinach is the best choice for those who do not like eating dairy products. Spinach contains 25 percent of daily intake of calcium. It is also a great source of vitamin A, K fiber, iron & calcium.


Broccoli is a super food that has high amounts of vitamin K and calcium. Thus, it is great for bone health and bone strength. Adding broccoli to your daily diet prevents osteoporosis and improves your immune system.

Orange Juice

Shipping on orange juice early morning is the great way to start the day. Oranges are rich in vitamin C. It also contains bone-strengthening calcium. Orange provides 6% of calcium intake per day.

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