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5 tips to improve your sleeping pattern and sleep better

A good night’s sleep is a very essential feature of a healthy lifestyle. Problems with sleep like insomnia can affect the overall quality of life. Good sleeping pattern is essential as it plays a major role in protecting your mental and physical health and also can affect how well you think, work and learn. Read to know about 5 tips to improve your sleeping pattern and sleep better.

5 tips to improve your sleeping pattern and sleep better

As sleep deficiency can give rise to chronic health problems, it is important to make your sleeping pattern better if you are one of those who find it hard to sleep or suffer from insomnia.

Follow the below given tips to improve your sleeping pattern and sleep better and thereby promote healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing .

Follow a regular sleep schedule

  • Keeping a regular sleep schedule means to sleep and wake at the same time each day.
  • Consistency is important as a good sleep-wake cycle makes you feel more refreshed
  • Do not alter your sleep cycle on weekends and holidays. Do not oversleep or undersleep.
  • If you have lost few sleep hours, take a nap in the daytime instead of sleeping late

Avoid having foods that interfere with sleep

  • Some foods and habits can interfere with your sleep cycle. Try to avoid these during bed time
  • Drinks like coffee or tea can keep you awake as they are stimulants. Avoid coffee, tea and caffeine containing foods like chocolate, cola.
  • Some pain relievers can also act as stimulants and can keep you awake. Check if you are on any such medication.
  • If you are a smoker, refrain from tobacco at bedtime.

Promote sleep inducing environment in your bedroom

  • To promote a deep and sweet sleep, it is advised to make your bedroom quiet, cool and dark.
  • If you live in a noisy neighborhood, try using earplugs.
  • Make your room well ventilated and cool. Use a comfortable mattress and proper pillows.
  • Block light by using proper curtains, blackout shades or an eye mask.

Indulge in a pre sleep routine

  • Indulging in a daily pre sleep routine is a great way to prepare your body to sleep.
  • Any activity like reading a book, taking a bath or practising relaxation exercises like deep breathing can help a lot in promoting better sleep.
  • At the same time, make sure you avoid doing any stressful activities, both physically and mentally at bedtime.

Eat a balanced diet and exercise everyday

  • Your diet and physical activity also play a crucial role in inducing good sleep.
  • Improper diet has a direct affect on your sleep, so complete nutrition is very essential for a better sleep.
  • Good physical activity during the daytime can help you to fall asleep faster and have a sound sleep.
  • Exercising early in the morning is good. If you are not a morning person, exercise at least 3 hours before it is bedtime to promote good sleep.

Other tips which can help with sleep are as follows-

  • Avoid having large meals and alcohol at night
  • Avoid using a backlit device to read at night eg. your smart phone
  • Indulge in progressive muscle relaxation techniques
  • Destress yourselves. Save your worries for tomorrow (day)

Maintain a good sleep hygiene for a healthy life. Do consult your doctor if you find it hard to sleep even after following every trick in the book, as it can indicate an underlying health problem.

The above article is about 5 tips to improve your sleeping pattern and sleep better.

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