Top 15 Celebrities with Sexy Eyebrows or Without

Top 15 Celebrities with Sexy Eyebrows or Without

Women look attractive with their sexy eyebrows and which are well shaped indeed. Women do aspire to have sexy eyebrows as they want to look good. Celebrities also do ensure that their eye-brows are eye-catching.

Cara Delevingne

Famous supermodel, Cara Delevingne has most striking feature: her rather enviable eyebrows. Dark, thick, and no doubt perfectly groomed, her eyebrows do complement well her blue eyes and blonde hair.

Lily Collins

She happens to be the daughter of music royalty Phil Collins and is indeed a popular actress in Hollywood. Her eyebrows are striking as they possess a straighter across shape rather than a classic arch, their beautiful thickness.

Keira Knightley:

She has naturally beautiful eyebrows that many women do wish they had. They are full as well as lush and give a natural, untouched appearance.

Miley Cyrus

Her lack of brows as well received as her face is nicely proportioned, and her brows are already pretty light as well as small. In fact, it looks more natural for her to not have brows. She as it is acknowledged as an attractive person. Her forehead is no doubt big.

Kim Kardashian

She has a sexy look and her eyebrows are equally so. She has perfect eyebrows. They indeed look amazing on her and give her eyes more definition as well as glamour. They are not that thin and are really attractive and neat to look at.

Julie Bowen

She looks cute without her eyebrows. She still looks pretty.

Taylor Swift

She has sharp, pointed features and a smooth skin. She does look nice without eyebrows.

Top 15 Celebrities with Sexy Eyebrows or WithoutSarah Silverman

She is indeed an actor/comedian whose eyebrows are a point of pride and identity. Her straight-cut, thick brows do give her a no-nonsense look.

Brooke Shields

She indeed has the most sought-after eyebrows in the business.

Natalie Portman

Her eyebrows give her an elegant look. They suit her face shape well and make her stand out in crowds. She looks very attractive indeed.

Angelina Jolie

She is a very beautiful woman and her brows are perfectly arched but still full enough to stand to bring out her well-featured face into much limelight.

Lauren Conrad

Her brows are a striking dark brown and no hair is out of place.


Her features are indeed eye-catching and as well as her eyebrows. They are well defined and unique and give her a smart and clean look.

Emma Watson

This famous British actress has lovely eyebrows. They make her look great! And add a certain charm to her cute face.

Megan Fox

She has lovely eyebrows. They are well trimmed and do maintain an equal thickness throughout. They draw much attention and make her look like a stylish icon.


These are indeed gorgeous women indeed with attractive eyebrows which highlight their pretty features. Other women do aspire to look like them and do watch their features with keen interest.

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