How to use hibiscus flowers for hair growth?

How to use hibiscus flowers for hair growth?

Hair fall is a major worry and for this one can make use of hibiscus flower as a beneficial remedy. This flower contains vitamin C, Phosphorous, riboflavin as well as calcium. One’s hair gets plenty of nourishment as the hibiscus flower does contain carotene which also prevents graying of hair at a very early stage.

It is advisable to make use of hibiscus flower juice to control hair fall, dandruff as well as graying of hair even if was nearing 50 years of age.

One needs to be familiar as to how to make hibiscus oil or even shampoo by making use of its leaves. The oil will certainly improve the texture of one’s hair after 2 to 3 weeks of its usage.

What are the benefits of hibiscus for hair?

As hibiscus has plenty of Vitamin C it boosts collagen production which is good for healthy hair and its growth. It also has lots of amino acids which strengthen the roots and nourish them as well. The hair tresses are lustrous, shiny and healthy.

Hibiscus also prevents balding and helps in re-growth and adds volume and bounce to one’s hair. It helps in treating frizz and also brittle hair and conditions the hair. It prevents split –ends and keeps the hair well nourished and hydrated for a long period of time. It also helps in treating itchiness of scalp as well as dandruff problems.

How to use hibiscus flowers for hair growth?Hibiscus yogurt hair mask

Take 1 hibiscus flower, 3 to 4 hibiscus leaves and a bowl of fresh yogurt. Grind the hibiscus leaves into a thick paste along with hibiscus flower. Mix it with Yogurt and then make it into a paste and apply it evenly in the hair as well as on the scalp. It must reach the roots. Let the hair nourish well and then wash off with lukewarm water. Do this once a week.

Hibiscus with fenugreek

This has anti-dandruff properties. Take a few hibiscus leaves, fenugreek seeds, and buttermilk. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight and then grind them with the hibiscus leaves until it forms into a thick paste. Mix the paste with buttermilk and then apply the paste onto one’s hair. This hair mask will definitely soothe the itchy scalp and thus prevent dandruff. Wash it off with a mild shampoo after an hour or so. Repeat every week.

Coconut milk with hibiscus

Take a cup of coconut milk with hibiscus petals, yogurt, and aloe vera gel. Blend them into the thick paste and apply on the scalp to condition it. It prevents frizz, split ends and breaking of hair.

Egg and hibiscus pack

Take a couple of egg whites and grind them with hibiscus flower. Blend the mixture to get the thick paste. Add yogurt to get rid of bad smell. Apply it on the hair and wash it off with lukewarm water. This mixture is rich in proteins and revitalizes brittle hair and also stimulates the secretion of oils in the scalp.

Neem and hibiscus

Take a few neem leaves and grind them and sieve the juice. Then grind the hibiscus flower and mix both the ingredients and add water for maintaining consistency. Apply the content on one’s till root absorb it. It has anti-bacterial contents that are available in neem leaves. It keeps the hair strong and healthy.

How to make hibiscus hair care oil?


• Coconut oil
• Hibiscus leaves
• Clean container
• Hibiscus leaves
• Stone mortar and pestle.

How to make hibiscus hair oil for hair?

Crush the petals of the hibiscus flower and with the help of mortar as well as pestle. Then take a clean container and add about the ½ amount of coconut oil. Dip the crushed flowers and petals inside the oil and then boil for 4 to 5 minutes. Let the oil cool down. Then apply on scalp and massage the oil gently on the scalp. The oil will penetrate into the roots and thus provide proper nourishment in one’s hair. After the oil goes into the roots then wrap a towel and let it be for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then making use of lukewarm water and shampoo, wash the hair well.

Hibiscus Hair shampoo to prevent hair loss

One can prepare hibiscus shampoo at home. Crush some petals of the flower making use of a pestle and mortar. Then in a small bowl, take the hibiscus flowers and also make a fine paste of it. Add some olive oil and make a thick paste. Apply the paste on one’s hair like a shampoo. As it contains olive oil there is no need for lather formation. The paste must reach the roots of the hair. Let it be for 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Olive oil with hibiscus for hair re-growth

Prepare a solution with hibiscus leaves to swell as flowers with some olive oil and make use of it like a shampoo. One needs about 3 to 4 hibiscus flowers and some leaves of the same quantity of the same tree. One can make use of pestle as well as mortar to crush the hibiscus petals. Then add a few drops of olive oil and water to make the paste smoother and apply it to cause re-growth of hair. These packs need to be kept for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Hibiscus with onion for new hair

As we are well aware onion juice is good for health. Even the leaves and flowers of the hibiscus are good for hair growth and prevent hair fall. Take a fresh onion and then peel it. Make a pulp in the grinder. Squeeze out the water from the pulp and then keep it in the container. Add some juice of the hibiscus leaves and then mix well. Apply on the scalp for hair growth and to prevent hair loss.

Hibiscus and amla for healthy black hair

Amla has been in use for hair treatment for ages down the line. It prevents hair loss. One can consume it raw as well. Try to combine the juice of Amla with some hibiscus leaves which is good to prevent hair loss and for hair growth.

Ginger and hibiscus leaves for hair re-growth

People worry about hair fall. Take a small portion of ginger root and then crush it and then remove the juice and add the juice of hibiscus flower to it. Apply the content on the hair and this will help re-growth of hair.

Hibiscus and curry leaves for thick black hair

Add drops of coconut oil to curry leaves and make a smooth paste and apply t on the roots. It is good nourishment for the hair and prevents hair fall.

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